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  • Hi there fellow sciscirians   ^_^

    I've been using Construct 2 for a little over 2 months now and consider myself already an able programmer with this tool.

    I made quite a few games already and have some hosted on google play and amazon.

    I got my own games website since recently, and it sums up my games on too:

    I have a long background in webgames and web programming from a PHP/html/javascript background. check my site for details:

    I have invested in licenses for google play, ios app store, graphics licenses (lifetime) from Arteria3d , a https certificate for my site (secure connections) and ofc a construct 2 license.

    I am in the process of making a isometric game, with imagery derived from 3d models.

    Atm it is called knight demo, due to lack of better name or idea for it.

    See it here: Knight demo

    My idea for the game is a cross over between diablo 2 and world of warcraft.


    single player campaign

    multiplayer interactions

    rpg elements

    Quests, missions

    Target platforms will be tablets and and web based.

    I am looking for a couple people

    Audio artist: create the sounds, music and sfx for the game

    Story writer: story line from A-Z chopped into chapters for levels

    3d Artist: who is able to create maps and buildings and imagery from the various packs on Available graphics

    Construct 2 designer: to make levels, level elements etc

    I will do the majority of the game designing myself, but will work together with the team to change aspects to produce a better game.

    There are some options as to publishing which we will work as a team: like, game set price, or free with ingame purchases.   

    As reward you will be given a % share of the income the game will generate.

    sound artist: 15%

    3d Artist: 15%

    Writer: 15%

    Level designer: 15%

    Plans are to have an early release up in the stores by end of januari.


  • Unfortunately your game gives me a black screen.

  • Unfortunately your game gives me a black screen.



    It works here in IE11, Firefox25, Chrome31

    What browser did you use ?


    I uploaded a no gl version, could you try that ?

  • Loading player-sheet13.png takes too long for me 2 receive.

    After 3 seconds, connection error, no response from the server.

    Sorry <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I look forward to see this Game-acting..


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  • PM

  • johnnyl7x

    Replied :) great stuff

  • Any scirrians with some unity creation experience and want to aid in a little experiment for 2d level design ?

    I got textures, materials characters, if you can create a single level map, I can create a 2d sprite background from it. I might chop it up in large chunks for some z-ordering. It will likely end up in something 5000x5000 layout.

    I got various themes: sewers, medieval towns, sci fi.

    For what I'm building atm I could do with a medieval thing, or sewers.

    If the results are very good it might get implemented in the game and we could discuss terms if profit comes of it.

    Here is a demo for what it will be used for:

    demo knight

    I removed the water effect from the text and I think that solved some issues with stating up.

  • Are you still in need of music?

  • Are you still in need of music?

    Yep sure :)

    Music, audio, fx.


  • Let's continue via e-mail then!

    You can give me details on what kind of music is wanted, general feel and soundscape etc.

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