Fallout/DayZ style Inventory [40$]

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  • Ok I brought every inventory system there is to buy from the scirra shop, some work but not how i wanted it to. And the support is never helpful they just say stuff like "Ill update the system as soon as I can."

    Heard this one to many times and still never received any actual help.

    Anyway, this system will be exclusively for me and my projects, meaning you cannot resell it, only I can if I wanted to.

    Let me tell you a little bit about my game so you can have an idea of how the inventory should be.

    The unknown title is a Top-down post-apocalyptic MMORPG Browser game. You scavage for supplies to survive like any other Apocalyptic Game.

    ? Farming + Herding Animals [ ? House Barricading ? Base Building ? Gathering + Crafting Take these features into consideration when creating the inventory. Ok so the inventory needs to be a mix a fallout and 7 Days to die, dayz or H1z1. The Inventory will come with Armor slots for the player to. Like Weapon and clothing/Gear slots. Accessories also like a slot for flashlights, binoculars etc

    The character finds the item and while overlapping it and pressing the E key, the item should go to the next available slot in the inventory. When clicking on a structure, like a dresser, or something, the Dresser should also have slots that stay. Meaning if I loot this dresser but I decide I dont want the items, the items should remain there until the next player comes and takes it. Also, the player should be able to drag and drop items into the Dresser slots if they wanted to. Also drag and drop on the floor

    Remember that the items should have drag and drop features once in the inventory. Please DONOT add ONE ITEM and set the other ITEMS AS FRAMES or ANIMATIONS. Use Families if needed, Items 1, Items 2, etc. Reason is because its extremely annoying to have to look through 100 frames for a certain item.

    You can categorize them tho and use frames or animations. Example, foods, weapons, cloths/Armor, etc

    Also, I want the player to have 3 weapon slots, 1 slot for pistols and the others for heavy guns and Melee weapons. I should be able to equip these items and when I do I should be able to switch between any weapons in those 3 slots.

    Need more info just contact me. I need this inventory Asap! Like really ASAP! I can pay using credit card, paypal or any way you want it

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  • Is this to much? I can really use the help pm me asap

  • I can't personally help you, but maybe raise the pay and people will.

  • Hey! Could you explain a little better what exactly the inventory is supposed to look like? I've never played fallout or dayZ.

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