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  • About Me

    I am a passionate and experienced sculptor of sound from the United Kingdom. I help developers bring their characters and worlds to life through sound and music. Each track I create is handcrafted to tell a story that captures the ears, whilst complimenting the world it resides in.


    What Can I Do For You?

    I'm pretty good with most genre's of music, I especially enjoy taking two genre's and mashing them together to make something different and original, However I believe I accell at composing Battle Themes, Solo Piano Themes and Orchestral World Themes.


    Music/SFX Featured In: 

    The Clans - Saga of the Twins OST, The Clans : Cursed Souls, Sci-Fi Romance (Humble Game Dev Bundle 2015), JSM Party Themes, Cruel Miracle/Wings of EnvyPromise OSTRe and ApophisDream.exe (Markiplier Fan Game),




    My Website 

    Portfolio Playlist


    Prices vary dependent on project and time taken on the project. Please contact for a quote and more information. Prices can be provided on an hourly rate or a minute rate upon request.

    The Commission Process


    I like to make the process as simple and as pain free for clients as possible if you know exactly what you want, then I can provide it. If you're completely confused and not sure where to even start, I can help with the advisory process as well. 


    If you're wanting to start the commission process, you can get in contact with me via the Private Messaging here or if you'd prefer you can contact me via my website. Once you've given over the information that you require I will send you a quote, which will show a rough estimate on the price, and how many hours it will take to compose your piece/pieces. If you're happy with the quote, then the process will begin and I will start composing your track. During this time, I will ensure that I keep in constant contact, with demos as required, this gives you an opportunity to be able to hear the development of the track, in addition to ensuring it is heading in the direction you foresee.

    Once the piece is completed, you'll receive a demo via a Private Soundcloud platform and then sent an invoice for the track with a direct link via Paypal.

    Once the payment has been processed, I'll send you the track in whatever format you'd like it in.


    Royalty Free Content

    For people on a tight budget, and are looking for a selection of tracks that can be purchased for use on the Scirra Store, The content uploaded to this store, is designed for use with Construct 2!

    Questions and Requests

    If you have any questions or requests for future tracks  then feel free to reply to this thread, contact me via pm or via my website

  • I have a question. I often find that music costs is based on per minute model.

    How much do you charge apx per minute


    how much time does it take to compose per minute

    I ask this. because I often find concepts and language ettiquties are different. Without understanding time, cost, and efforts it's a little hard to understand how 1 minute of music can cost $1000usd

    let alone I have no idea what an OST is.

  • Do you do sci-fi OSTs?

  • jayderyu I don't normally charge per minute. I personally think it's alot more fairer to the developer to know EXACTLY how much they cost.

    It is normally a set rate of ?5 per track that can be any length. Whether it be a 3 minute battle theme, or a loopable battle theme.

    If I was to consider charging per length of track, It would be around 2-3 per minute, genre dependent, I don't charge for labor. I only charge for length of track. The costs cover my instrumentation/software only.

    An OST is an acronym for Official Sound Track, this is a "bulk" option for people who want to purchase full blown soundtracks. it's a way of saving money. If you are wanting a couple of tracks just to cover a few gaps in your repertoire, than your best option would just be per track, however if you are looking for 20-30 tracks, as in you have next to NO music in your game yet than this will give you a slight discount.


    Yes indeed I do:



    Please note these prices are only rough guides, I understand (as an indie developer myself) that funding can be rather difficult. So don't hesitate to contact me if you wish to negotiate :)

  • Thought I'd bring this back from the dead, it's been an exceptionally busy year for me, things are finally starting to slow down again thankfully, so I am back to accepting new commissions. Alongside this I also have a selection of new content in my new web store which you can find links to in the first post.

    Also you'll find that my first post has been updated (from a year ago...for shame) this has been completed updated with new and better content!

    Also, you may be interested to know that I also have a selection of FREE to use music, which will give you some examples of the styles I can write in! You can find these at:

    I look forward to receiving your feedback and thoughts on my new music!

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  • Jonnie91 I will check this out. Definitely need music for the game

  • Jonnie91 I will check this out. Definitely need music for the game

  • Just to bring this back to let everyone know, that I am nearing a completion of another selection of commissions; so will be fully available for any projects that are looking for original music!

    Alongside this, I've recently started selling some royalty free pieces on the Scirra Store, which is a great alternative if you are on a tight budget.

  • I've just recently finished off another title theme commission for an Egyptian Themed project, you can listen to it here.

    Also I have just released a new sci-fi track onto the Scirra store you can listen to it here

    I've added information regarding per minute prices, for those who'd prefer to pay per minute, rather than set prices.

    If you would like to give me suggestions on other tracks to add to the Scirra store, please don't hesitate to reply and let me know!

  • It's been a long time since my last update, there has been a lot of new commissions, we're heading to the end of the year, and I'm really excited to see what new projects that will come my way in 2015.

    Here is a snippet of the projects I've worked on this year!

  • It's been quite a while since I last updated this post, and a lot of new content and updates have been added. Also happy to announce that another new resource of mine has been uploaded to the scirra store. "It Can Go Anywhere". For more info check out the post here

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