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  • Open for commissions. Illustrations/Animations of characters, objects and whole environments within various styles offered. Be it vector, pixel or handpainted art.

    You can find me on the following platforms:

    2D!PIXX Website

    2D|PIXX - YouTube

    2D!PIXX Facebook

    2D!PIXX ArtStation

    2D!PIXX DeviantArt

    2D!PIXX OpenGameArt

    2D!PIXX Fiverr

    2D!PIXX Patreon

    If you contact me by mail via janaypj@2dpixx.de you will get the fastest replies, but feel free to write me on any of those sites.

    Happy to work with you ;) stay creative!

  • Could you make the 52 poker cards with this style, how much would it cost and price?

  • Hi.

    Yes I can do this. Quite fast also. However maybe you would like to write some project details to my business mail (jana@2dpixx.de) in order for me to name a fixed price for your project and for us to build some trust.

    My policy is not to discuss details and liable information on public forums. It is merely a way to reach first contact for me.

    If you want you can use a commission form (link is found on my website) or simply write an email but using the questions from the form as a general guide for your project description.

    Also if you want to commission me please have a look at my commission guidelines: 2dpixx.de/guidelines.html beforehand. This is just to make sure you will have a good experience when requesting my service.

    Thank you for reaching out.

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  • Hi Guys. Open for Commissions! Be sure to contact me at janajwg@2dpixx.de if you need help with your 2D Game projects.

    For some insight to my work, I invite you to have a look at my Artstation profile and/or other social channels.

    There are a lot of videos included. Displaying the process of the illustrations and some basic animations.

    Below is a preview of what you can expect:

    For further information on commissions visit my website and guidelines page:


    All in all I am open for all kinds of conversations as long as they are serious and kind.

    Best regards!

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