Have a completed game, need help with Mobile.

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  • I created a little puzzle game for mobile platforms, but I've ran into nothing by roadblocks with optimizing and deploying. It sort of works on Android if I use Ludei, but there are issues. It doesn't work at all on iOS when I publish it. Ludei launchers work GREAT, but once it's live, it nose dives to really poor. Ludei won't reply to my help requests and every time I send them my files to debug, they never reply, completely useless so far. I've tried the other options such as Ejecta and Crosswalk, but those seem to be broken for me, unplayable.

    I need someone who has experience with pushing games from C2 to Android and iOS (I tried WP8, but the game just crashes after a few minutes).

    I'd give you access to the source folder on Dropbox and let you have at it.

    The goal is this: Get the game looking really stable on iOS and Android (WP8 would be GREAT too) so I can I can then add features and make changes without worrying about the deployment side.

    Why don't I just do it? This was a side project for me, that I just don't have time for but I still want it to live.

    Monetary compensation is totally an option.

  • that seen weird, cause im making a game and never get crash issues, and C2 make HTML5 with a right export, play in on any device does not give any error

  • I don't think it's that strange, have you tried Ludei before? I'm basically looking for someone to tell me why my apps run like garbage on mobile. The only time they run great is when I use the Ludei launcher. All other formats are unplayable. Even the Ludei Cloud Compile apps are terrible, the launcher is ok.

  • I have experience publishing games to iOS, Android, WP8.0 & Blackberry App World

    My games: "Don't Crash Dummy" , "Randy Rogue" , "Joey NoShow"

    Let me know if I can help

  • I can help you out. Add me on skype: Whackeddie

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  • Sorry, whackeddie99

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