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    • [EDIT] 11/07/14-

    I was originally talking about performances in this poste but I've just decided I will release the game as it is and will hopefully improve it and bring additional content if it has little success.

    I am now just seeking someone who can provide me with a solution regarding that Mouse pointer bug described below.

    • I am using the Node-Webkit exporter as I need it for several things including writing to the user folder.

    As you may already know, the Node-Webkit is based on a modified verion of Chrome. And Chrome has a bug that I have reported here, but, as Scirra mentionned, there's nothing they can do about it.


    The .capx I included still works so you can see what I am talking about.

    This isn't a game-breaking bug but still is a very annoying one. It means that by using Node-Webkit under Windows you can't properly hide the mouse cursor or use a custom one when you click that specific combination of buttons. (Hold left, Hold right, Release left, Release right.)

    .CAPX: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=08004072412323039678

    Various sources mention that Chrome has issues with the mouse cursor.

    I have tried many things and gone as far as getting a CSS plugin and trying to do this: http://icelab.com.au/articles/invisible-cursors-in-google-chrome-with-css/

    Which didn't work. So I am kinda desperate here.

    I'll pay 25$ by Paypal to the first person who can provide me with an efficient working solution.

    • Mike
  • Why not have a workaround for the custom cursor reappearing on NW/Chrome? Force it to set back to custom cursor every tick. It seems to work for hidden mouse cursor as well, but with a caveat - you need to shake your mouse to make the cursor hide again.

    Just one wasted line of code if you don't wish to tackle this Chrome / Node-Webkit issue.

  • I was about to modify that post.

    I'm going to release the game as it is regarding the performances, because I was about to kinda throw away 6 months of work because of it and start all over...

    I'll just hire someone to help me with improving it if the game has little success.

    The "Set mouse pointer back to custom cursor every tick" still requires the mouse to be moved. The original mouse cursor shows up and won't go until you move the mouse.

    Thank you very much for your time anyway.

    • Mike
  • Ok... no problem. Good luck!

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  • Oh yeah... before I forget, just wanted to share with you this link:


    Head over there and test out the JQuery demo found on the bottom of the page using both Chrome and Firefox. You will notice similarities between what you observed in your program example.

    In Firefox, the cursor stays as a "text select" I-beam regardless of whatever combination of clicks you do. When you switch over to Chrome, the cursor becomes a "text select" I-beam cursor but changes into an arrow cursor when you move your mouse. So, it seems the problem is not a problem, but a design behaviour inherent in the Chrome browser.

    Just a thought...

  • I've received several private messages encouraging me to just release it as imperfect as it is and throwing 6 months of work would be trully stupid so that's what I will do.

    Thank you very much for your time.

  • Don't worry... I ain't after the reward. Just love challenges like these, and besides this problem may crop up again for someone who is looking for a solution or workaround to this.

    Here's the best quick and dirty solution I could find:

    1. System->On Start of layout, Mouse->Set Cursor to None

    2. System->Every tick, Sprite->Set position to (Mouse.X, Mouse.Y)

    This way, at least you get a permanent custom sword graphic. If you do the mouse click sequence, the mouse arrow cursor just appears atop your graphic, that is until you move your mouse. Not that bad...

    And like what others are saying, just release your game.

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