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  • Hello,

    At first, this is a commercial project, so we will pay for your work! So if you are interested pls let us know, how much you want for your work.

    We made a little match3-style game and have some performance problems with mobile versions (web-version is working, but for mobile there are too hard laggs).

    Here the informations about the game-layout with laggs:

    On start of the Layout I spawn 5 different sprite objects (53 * 55 px) and this so often, that there are 64 (8 * 8) objects on the field.

    They have the "platform-behavior" and the "solid-behavior" so that they are falling down to the ground of the field automatically.

    Than you have to click on 1 object (with mouse or touch) where 1 or more of the same obejects are next to it. And if you do this, the objects get destroyed and for each destroyed object a new one spawns, so that there are always 64 objects (8 * 8) on field. (simple match-3 game)

    For all of these objects collisions is enabled and that's why there are:

    -> over 250.000 Collision-checks / second

    -> 4.000 poly-checks / second

    -> 200 Moved cell / second

    -> 16 cell count

    -> 119 objects

    Now we need to optimize this, because the 250.000 Collision-checks / second make some insane laggs on mobile / table devices.

    For better information about the game we can send you the URL to the Web-Version-Demo.

    Please contact me by PM.

    Best regards.


    Link of Web-Version-Demo:(the Touch-Events in the game-mode are not enabled, just Mouse-Events)


    If you cant send me a PM, here my contact-email: kevin.donhauser92 [at] web.de

  • demo url will be useful, paste here and will have a look in mobile.

  • ok, Link for Web-Demo and email for contact added.

  • there is serious issue with the code and I not even able to play 1 time. This is killing player interest.

    Not sure how the code was written, let me knowhow you want to go about this.

  • I know that it's not working on mobile devices... I also know that it is because of the 250.000 collision-checks / second and that is what I need to fix

    So at the moment the match3-items are sprites with solid and platform behavior and this makes the 250.000 collision-checks / second.

    So it has to be changed that there are not so many collision-checks.

    Best regards.

  • Can you show your code ?

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  • Yep there is a problem with code. you are doing something wrong.

    Check this example bricklayer-milks-47242.bitballoon.com

  • Hi,

    thanks for interest and help, I have now someone who will optimize it for me.

    Uniform: Your game also have very bad laggs on mobile device

    best regards.

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