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  • I do want to make videogames my carreer and I have tackled it in different ways, some worked, some didn't but none of them fulfil my expectations.

    So I was like, what the heck, why not try the indie game dev path? Started a few weeks ago searching for information, and looked into some basic game makers, then I was like, lets scale it up a bit. Found GMS and that was a bit too harsh for someone with 0 programming skills and that's how I found Construct 2.

    So to learn hard way, I started making my own project. A platformer where I make everything, from the art of every enemy, item, tile, etc. (I guess I could have started off with a platformer pack, but wanted to learn how to do everything right and understand tiles properly) and also trying to do the code slowly but surely with some questions, checking up similar tutorials and trying to apply it to my game in different ways, etc.

    The coding part is becoming a bit of a headache when I try to make enemies make a loop in different timers to scale the game difficulty and so on. So that's kinda putting a limit and making my progress go slowly, but I want to learn a bit of everything to have a better understanding of how game dev works.

    I am learning everything. From code to art applied to games.

    I have a photography and graphic design background (note: not an illustrator, as some people think they're related) so I used to be quite decent with vectors, now learning the pixel art because I believe is easier to apply to gamedev and what the heck looks awesome. Also I am a musician (well more like was) so I have kinda a music composer background.

    Long story short: I know a little bit of everything but not enough to be specially good at something. You can call it jack of all trades but master of none.

    Basically I am good at:

    • IDEAS and problem solving. I do believe I have great ideas, sadly I can't make them a reality. (Blizzard hire me for easy money).
    • Balancing games due to huge experience in rts, mobas and mmorgps playing at higher levels.
    • Art. Drawning is not my thing, but used to do pretty good with vectors and now learning pixel art. UI/HUDs, thanks to my graphic design background I do have a good composition knowledge and why not saying it, I do have a good taste.
    • Fast learner. I might not know how to do something, but I grasp concepts pretty fast.

    I would like to do some co-op proyects just to learn the way this world works and get experience. Specially with experienced people that can lead me in the right path so I can feel like the new guy in a company that works as the janitor boy, doing whatever to help and learn.

    I am new to the forums so I can't really reply to any PM, just write in here, if you have tips for me, if you feel like you are in the same page and want to learn together, if you're an experienced coder but you're a wonderful person and want to help out a guy living the dream, hit me up and I will work for you, all I want is experience.

  • Can you show me your vector art portfolio? I'm looking for a vector artist.

  • smileh shoot me an email at and we can discuss working together

  • Can you show me your vector art portfolio? I'm looking for a vector artist.

    Do not have any portfolio, lost everything I had when my old computer died and couldn't save up any files and since then I didn't really had time or motivation to pick up the artist inside me until now. Anyways it's been a long time since I did vectors, I just stated that was decent at it, if you really need a vector artist I suggest you look for someone more experienced.

    I will post my current work when I am done with the first scenario from the game I am solo working. Is not a big deal but I am happy the shape is taking for being my first time

    Sorry and thanks for the interest

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  • I would be willing to help/teach you, plus maybe learn a few things myself. Just tell me where we could chat.

  • I would be willing to help/teach you, plus maybe learn a few things myself. Just tell me where we could chat.

    Contact me at smilehlolzusb@gmail

  • I emailed you a while ago, did you get it?

  • So I took some of my free time off-work and everyday I made a little bit of my first game.

    I never tried to do any kind of characters/animation/sprites before, neither had any code experience. I am a first time for every single aspect.

    This is a prototype of the game I am currently working on as a learning experience where I have a few mechanics and AI thrown in there.

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