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  • Hey everybody,

    my name is Robin and I?m a young game-loving designer from Germany. Today I want to introduce my first real Construct2 project to you, which is called Beavarena.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Short summary:


    it?s a typical situation, happens everyday, happens everywhere.... You and , a mate, a colleague or even your girlfriend/boyfriend are on a train, in school, in a bar, or at home and don?t know what to do to spare some time. A pretty annoying situation. Even if I everybody has an iPad or tablet PC, there are to less games that are for 2 (or even more people) on one pad, which are funny and diverting. Here is the answer to all your problems. Beavarena, a collection of 2-player-minigames for tablet-pcs (and some for phones either :-) )


    Beavarena, in his basic version, should be a collection of about 5-10 mini games from all categories, that can be played on one iPad /Tablet by 2 people. The aim is to be short, entertaining and diversified. It should be ideal to play a round while school breaks or while you are waiting for the subway etc. In the future I want to make Beavarena to something like a portal-website especially for multiplayer tablet games. In far, far future ;-)

    Here is a scribble I made last evening , showing how one of the games could approximately look like.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />

    WHO AM I?

    My name is Robin and I?m a graphic dude, who loves games and animation. I work in an agency, so I?m pretty fit in illustrator, flash and photoshop. In my free time, I did a little fun beaver-project called beaverlicious ( Just little animations, drawings and other stuff.

    Here is for example an animation I made in Flash It?s also completely illustrated by me (Perhaps an example for HUD etc.) :


    [/VID] Forward to the middle, if you don?t speak german. There are some "fight" scenes.

    I?m not that kind of genius in programming, but I already made a little game in construct, which you can find here:

    [VID] [/VID]

    I also programmed a bunch of tools for work-presentations and even for some costumers.

    My friends say I?m a nice guy! :-D


    I will make the graphics and assets, using the Beaver-CI, will animate walk cycles, actions, smoke etc. if necessary. I can also do my best to program the games, even I guess this needs a more advantage brain in some cases to run fluent. :)

    I will also host a website, which is fully responsive and also corporate to the "Beavarena-Guidelines".


    First of all, I can?t pay you directly, but I plan to try to sell the game collection and host advertising on the "Beavarena portal", to gain money. If it really gets serious we can defly talk about provision etc. :) I guess I?m a fair trade partner. :)

    Sooo I?m looking for people who love games, new technologies like tablets, trashy beavers and working in a super nice team with good atmosphere :) it would be super cool, if you are already experienced in making tablet/mobile games with construct, to help me make it run fluent, export for many devices, as stable as possible etc etc.

    Don?t get me wrong this is a fun project in the first case.

    All theses are guidelines, which can be discussed, critized etc. I?m not a team dictator. (most of the time :-D )

    My native language is german, but I guess my english is .....okay :-D so that we can do Skype conversations, Facebook etc.

    SOOOOOOOO, that?s all for the moment. I hope you liked what you?ve seen and I would love to hear from you!

    Any questions etc. can be posted here or send to me via PN.

    Thanks for you audience!


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