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  • Wow, it's ugly. Looks like they re-purposed a satellite receiver from ...

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    I mean, the original was this:

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  • there's an article with select Indie devs asking about xbox one. and so far Microsoft hasn't told anyone as far as gaming goes and how indie devs will fit their new system. So i can't see them doing much to support these types of things. at least not now. oh and it doesn't help with XNA has no support from them anymore.

    and the console is ugly. very much all talk about TV and entertainment and sports. it was almost US focus.

  • This angle is ok, though.

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  • So, Xbox 1... Any games?


    I want a Wii U.

  • Microsoft made xbox one only for USA? The services they provide does not work worldwide. Big mistake of Microsoft, Sony has more chance to sell to europe and asia then Microsoft. A little indie game market app in this new gen consoles is something that must be! The new COD GHOST got good graphics but the old style 2D games are still funnier to play like Super Ubi Land. It's a month work for this big company's to make a Game/App Market for small games with HTML5 support. This would be better then most services they provide like talking to your xbox :D, it's a joke!

  • PS4 :


    XBox One :



    Moral: Keep to PC/Computers people...

    ALso I like those troll/cynical videos. They aren't so far from the truth of those conference though.

  • I'm afraid not many people will see the danger in such a design. The camera is active all day, interpreting everything you do. You can't switch off the camera, the console doesn't even start if the camera is deactivated.

    The software recognizes if you're happy or sad, attending, if your eyes are open or closed, if your mouth is open or closed, etc. All of that for up to 6 people in the camera's view.

    The system knows who is in the room, what you are doing, how long you do it, etc.

    This combined with the fact that you are forced to have an online connection and an XBox Live account. Microsoft gathers informations that even Google will never get. And how long until the first hacker crews break into this system?

    But people nowadays are so indifferent that the XBox One surely will be a success...

  • Doesn't look like there's any chance of publishing Construct2 games to the XBoxOne though (or, in fact, having any indie games on it):


    Note that these all reference the same source - a Shack News report at , however, there has been no action by Microsoft to refute this claim or otherwise clarify the situation, and it is consistent with earlier rumours such as this tweet by Penny Arcade's Ben Kuchera:

  • tanoshimi man this has blown up. I'm pretty sure this is just in regards to LIVE games, the same as Windows Phone and Windows 8. You need a publisher to publish a LIVE game.

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  • You need a publisher to publish

    So then, what is preventing Scirra from being that studio we publish to? I mean, isn't it that or Steam?

  • I heard Xbox One it can't be self-published by indies and it requires Internet to play games.

  • Here's some xbox fanboy backlash... doubtful it applies to us, but here you go. Love the venom coming from the comments area over this guy's article.

  • It means the indies can work with Microsoft like Xbox Live Arcade Team, they only can publish.

    There no way to self-publish.

  • If memory serves me, most publishers are out of touch with gaming. So if an indie creates a new IP that's not "what the market demands" they'll get rejected?

    Sounds like a very bad idea.

  • I loved xbox 360 but it looks like I'm reverting back to sony :P their ps3 was a let down but this ps4 seems pretty cool... I might actually just stick to PC lol but chances are if I get one of the new consoles it's looking like it might have to be the playstation over the xbox this time.


    thehen: How are you doing mate!? lol How random it is to see you on here... I'll send you a PM to keep the thread on topic :P

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