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  • Hi all, I'm wanting to know what color scheme I should make a game, so I'm gathering some statistics. What's your favorite color, what emotions do you associate with it? Thanks.

  • Hmm, interesting approach Don't know if others feel the same, but more often than not, colors are strongly connected to what you are trying to achieve. What I mean is, someone might love electric blue over all other colors for some reason. That doesn't fit well to a historical medieval story that tries to be realistic. That is just me though.

    Anyway! To actually answer your question.. I do have a few colors that I do like a lot. I can't really say favorite of any color, it is so context related to me. Crimson is one, passionate, strong, violent color. Various shades of natural green, peaceful, earthy, warm, somehow serene and calm.

    Hope this helps a bit. If you don't mind, maybe sharing some info regarding your game? Setting especially since it is one of the most important things if not the most important thing when considering colors.

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  • Seeing as I'm not 5 I don't really have a favorite color.

    What you can do is read up on the psychology of colors in branding.

    Maybe this will help: http://www.helpscout.net/blog/psychology-of-color/ - Might not be the best resource but scour google for better results.

  • If you don't mind, maybe sharing some info regarding your game? Setting especially since it is one of the most important things if not the most important thing when considering colors.

    The game I'm working on is a minimalist puzzle/racing game that's rather upbeat. I've made most of the levels but I need different colors so each level seems unique.

  • Woodland First what came to my mind was bright colors. Don't go pastel that is too much. Just clear, strong (not so strong that they blow your eyes to smithereens) colors. They should enhance the upbeat nature of the game. Racing world is always colored with clear colors; yellow, red, white, black, green, blue etc. I don't remember seeing broken colors (especially shades of brown).

    If you look into the color world of Crash Team Racing, Mario Kart, Candy Crush, Puzzle Pirates etc etc. It is all clear colors. Look into that would be my initial suggestions. Oh! Think LEGO

  • I think it depends on the game style. If it simple puzzle or racing i think you should stick to light colours. At the same time if it's a racing with "action" catchy colors migt look good. i personally like "bubblegum" sceme, mix of pink/puprle with light blue or green. Any way i think that the choice of a color is mainly connected with the game concept. cheers

  • Blue.

    When playing Ace of Spades, Blue was almost always the master race. Blue was usually the victor over green.

    Blue > Green

  • Color is surprisingly complicated. You can really study color your whole life and find new discoveries. The Great Courses offers a lecture series I want about the science of color: link below. Thinking about color meanings, how color effects brain function, colors mathmatical relationship with sound, and how colors effect each other, a good book to read about how colors interact is Josoph Albers of Color"

  • ...black \m/

    important thing tho is the way you combine them. if you (gods forbid) are going to make a very colourful game, well, some theory (primary, secondary colours, complementary colours etc) may be useful. or you can always just have a look at paintings and illustrations and stuff and see how they managed. check also some movies or videogames concept art -- not the fancy character design, but the quick colourful sketches they do to "capture the mood". my bruv he ahd a book about how the Lord of the Rings movies were done, it had lots of "quick compositions" that were pretty alluring. also there's a lot of colour schemes generators online, like paletton.com.

  • Red is easy to look

    Green is more strobing

    Blue feels more safe

    Orange gives more energy

    Brown is warm color

    Black is just good to go

    Combine colors to get certain effect. Opposite colors give contrast & separation, Analogous colors are easy to match. Playing with saturation make the shading deeper.

  • What kind of game would you like to make? My favorite color is green...it reminds me of something natural, good and clean...

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