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  • Hey everyone! I would like to thank anybody who played my game as well as all who helped me on it. I appreciate it a lot. If you haven't played my game or seen it, check it out here on the link provided newgrounds.com/portal/view/728788 and give it a rating if you can. Now, im planning to take on bigger challenges and actually start selling my games! I have sooo many wonderful games and ideas that I just can't wait to get started on. My first starter game that I would like to do is an easy endless runner game for mobile. That one will be put up for sell on google play and posted on scirra arcade and Newgrounds. The next game that im really going to be excited for is a realistic 2D fighting arcade game. That one will be posted on Scirra, Newgrounds and will sell it on stream! I have a lot of hope and confidence that i'll be able to pull this off! So be on the look out, cause any minute i'll be coming through so get ready, get ready!

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  • I tried playing your game, Ping Pong. Not bad for a start, but still you have a lot of work to do.

  • Personally, I liked the game you created. And endless runner is a great concept, IMO, so I'll surely buy your games when you release them.

  • Thanks for your replies and feedback

  • Hey, hate to spoil your day, but those two comments look like they were made by spam accounts.

    About your game.. needless to say the graphics could use a major overhaul.

    I can't skip the intro. Sometimes I can use the mouse, other times I must use the spacebar to select?

    Either make it all keyboard, mouse, or for both.

    Gameplay.. well, uhm, it's ping pong. It works nicely. But if you want it to stand out, you might need an edge.

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