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  • hi,

    i am always using spritefonts in all my games, also for leaderboards/highscore tables. and showing names of connected players and stuff like that. All my games are always in english, and I live in europe, so all names I ever see is in latin letters.

    How do you handle stuff like this? Include arabic, russian, greek, persian.... letters as well in the fonts?

  • interesting:

    i would try like... give user a choice to chose language and then load apropriate spritefont.

    ...and use google translate for translations... i think that would work?

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  • Personally I hate translated games. So I will not translate them, and even if you do, people with different names may play the game in different languages even then.

    But I have not even found the regular gaming spritefonts with none latin letters. so when people with thai names play the leaderboard name will just be blank for their inputs...

    Any thai, persian, russian or korean game devs here who have been playing facebook games or similar and experienced this issue, that your names "do not show/work" in the game?

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