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  • Hello guys.

    My question is "Has anyone tried to make a point and click graphic adventure game with Construct 2?"

    If not, since I have just downloaded Construct 2, can anyone tell me if it worth trying to make this kind of a games?

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  • Yep some one has. ME :D

    Is it worth it?

    Well I've enjoyed the work. But I'm still working on the project. You can check the project page here The Blue Code

    Well let's just say this. You can use another game kit that makes P&C adventure games. But I hear anything outside of P&C is a lot of work and super hacky.

    Where as once you get your P&C system up and running you can then convert it over to other games and if you need anything inserted it's not hacky. It's just C2 coding.

    However there is a lot of ground work to do before you your game really comes together.Where as using other P&C tools let's you get going faster.

    So your choice is get your game going now and be restricted in potential


    Put more effort in the ground work and have a lot more versatility.

  • My friend, first of all I have to thank you for spending time on answering my message. But I have to say 2 things. The one is that your link, doesn't work. The second, is that after reading your message, I was confused a little (due to my problem with the English language). So, I have to explain my self a little better.....

    I have just downloaded the free version of Construct 2

    I have no previous knowledge of programming and I so hate programming

    I have tried in the past "Adventure Game Studio" with no big success

    Do you believe that making a Point ' n' Click Adventure game with the use of the FREE version of Construct 2, and NO use of another Game Engine, will lead to a success of creating a.....Lucas Film, Sierra-like point 'n' click adventure game OR.......will lead to a fail?

    Hope this time, I made my myself more clear.

  • I also read that the free version has a 100 events, limit. Is that good or bad? :)

  • The free version is limited to 100 events and families are not supported this would make a point n click adventure game very difficult and or, very short...

    If your serious about making a game, either start with a simpler game or invest in the personal edition of C2...

  • Just to add, There is a game called "Jack haunt" which is a classic Lucas arts type point and click adventure, developed in C2...

    Read about it here...


  • I love the old Lucas Arts P'n'C games, and adventure games in general, so inspired by your question, I've had a try in C2.

    Here are some of my findings:

    Using the pathfinding behavior makes navigating the classic P'n'C layout easy. Just block out the areas with solid walls and your character will find his way around nicely.

    Add all the clickable objects to a Family then you can change cursor style when ever over them. You can change to extra styles using sub-events and variables, based on whether a particular 'Action' button has been selected e.g. Examine, Pick UP etc. This will also determine whether a message is displayed or an action performed.

    Having a storage area for picked-up items has been covered many times in the FAQ.

    Animations and interactions can be handled as they normally are.

    In summary, I would say it's relatively easy to do these type of games, it's just not what people are generally 'commercially' interested in nowadays. Which is a great shame, IMO.

    *enough waffle*

  • If you want to do classic point & click, then Adventure Game Studio is probably the way to go - it's exactly what it's designed for, and since it's been open-sourced it's now available for iOS & Android, though the Android version isn't quite ready for prime time. Gemini Rue, which was recently released for iOS, is all AGS, as is (I think) every game from that developer/publisher, Wadget Eye Games.

  • I strongly recommend Wintermute engine for this kind of point & click adventure games. There are plenty of A grade games created with it. It support 2.5D games (3D player and 2D envoirment), supports high resolution on games and easy to use.

    I just start to make a game with it. Only thing that AGS will better is the community. So you may take a look to that.


  • Or try Visionaire. Most Daedalic-Stuff is made with this.

  • Yes, Adventure Game Studio, WME and Visionaire - those are basically all the options available for creating 2D adventure games.

    However, after trying all of them, some testing and much thought I decided to go with Construct 2 for my game.

    Every engine has its bad sides. The way I see it: AGS is terribly outdated, Visionaire is awfully limited when you have some non-standard ideas and WME has it all, but requires way more programming, scripting and playing with files than necessary.

    Also, all of them are very limited about platforms they run on. Basically it's only Windows on PC and that's it. Not much future there.

    Think about Construct 2 now. It is based on events, which is perfect for this sort of games. It has all the sprite and animation tools you need. Displaying text works great (did you know that in Visionaire you can't use TTF fonts?). Families of objects are brilliant and make your work faster and simpler.

    Sound system? Check.

    High resolutions? Check.

    Camera movement? Any way you want.

    Paralax and layers? Oh yes.

    Large scrolled locations with some 2D perspective? Why not?

    Pathfinding? Ready to use.

    8-direction movement? Piece of cake.

    Am I missing something?

    Oh yes, you don't have an inventory engine ready. But objects like Dictionary together with families and object instances make is very easy to build any inventory system you need.

    And the huge advantage of C2 is that your game works on every platform imaginable, including the future ones. It's HTML5 after all. It can run on anything.

    The only tool really missing is a good script engine, so you could just write down your dialogs and actions instead of creating hundreds of separate events. But here is a solution to that: I have written a plugin that just do that. Which I'm not going to publish just yet, because it's just too precccioussss to me.

    So I say, definitely consider Construct 2.

    I did.

    I started with Visionaire, than WME (great tool, especially for programmers), but Construct 2 (with my scripting plugin) proved to be the best tool for my adventuring needs.

    And that concludes my humble opinion.

  • If you need more flexibility, while still create an entire point-and-click adventure without actual coding, AND want to publish it to any platform:


    Also works with the free version of Unity.

  • Nov 10th you can get your hands on our Demo P&C adventure called The Blue Code.

    Dialogue script engine. Check

    Character depth scaling. Check

    Inventory. check.

    Although I wanted scrolling background the artist and level design were started 6 weeks before my join date. They also insisted on no scrolling levels :( oh well. I had 6 weeks to code from near scratch.

  • My attempt to create a point&click adventure with C2:

    Leaving Nic's Vegas

    Never finished this and it was made when I knew a lot less about programming with construct2. Hope to someday get back to it if time permits.

  • I'm really interested in doing a point and click and, although I'm aware of AGS and how well specialised it is for this kind of game, I want more people to play my game, and this is why I've picked up Construct2 at all - for the multi-platform aspect.

    BUT, it does seem that although it does movement, physics and animation type things well, it's lacking in text manipulation options.

    How do people get round this? If there's an extra plugin for it, will that work across all the platforms that Construct2 exports to?

    I used to use MMF2, and I've abandoned it because the minute you want to publish to web/iOS/Android you lose over 70% of functionality because most of the plugins/objects/classes don't work for those exporters.

    BTW, Gemini Rue only got released in iOS because it was totally reprogrammed from the ground up - nothing to do with AGS itself really, although the open sourcing obviously helped!

    AFAIK there's only 1/2 people working on porting AGS across other platforms such as Android and iOS, and this is just to get the AGS runtime working on those platforms. There's already a lot of work gone into just getting existing AGS games running on Android, never mind exporting from the engine.

    So yeah, can anyone point me towards some examples of where people have made a conversation engine of some sort? I've tried searching but can't find much about text manipulation full stop really.

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