Need an idea how to display lots of text in space

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  • Hey guys!

    I'm looking for a creative and fun way to display achievements in my game.

    My game is a cartoon style space-themed puzzler - think planets, stars, comets, asteroids, spaceships etc.

    There will be 3 pages with different information -

    1. Statistics like "Total planets saved".

    2. Actual achievements like "Best combo".

    3. List of recovered artifacts.

    That's quite a lot of text. So how do I display it?

    I don't want a boring list with scrolling. Or 3 boring buttons that open 3 boring pages or text.

    I want something fun and space-related, say like opening credits in Star Wars. (But, obviously I can't use them for many different reasons)

    Or maybe some kind of futuristic holographic display.

    Or 3 piles of floating space debris, when you click one it arranges itself into text. (probably will be difficult to make)

    Could you think of any other ideas?

  • Stars.

  • Sorry, could you elaborate?

  • Letters as stars.

    Arranges itself into text...

  • Nice idea, but I have no clue how to do this...

    Making hundreds of floating stars, somehow transforming them into letters and arranging into words seems like a very difficult task. Maybe use blend mode to reveal letters on a big text object?

  • Nah, you make letters out of frames, and place instances, shrunk down, all over like they were stars in random positions.

    Give them three variables, target x, and y, and a bool for movement. Lerp works fine.

    You could also lerp their size back to normal, or just do it when they reach destination.

    Nice place for a fibonacci.

  • Letters as sprites? I'm planning to release the game with at least 3 languages, among which is Japanese. This means hundreds of frames and many hours of work... So no, I can't do this.

    Besides, the text is not static. How do I calculate the exact positions of each letter? I guess this can be done with a sprite font, but again this will be not be an easy task.

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  • You could do a star field with the achievement text zooming in. Frustratingly enough setting the size of the text object changes the text area and not the visual scale. I could change the font size dynamically but that probably is inefficient methinks. So I just used a bit of javascript to generate an image with the text and load that into a sprite. ... .capx?dl=0

    Another idea is to have the text scale as if the lines were being scaled on a cylinder.

    The star wars marquee should be doable with a shader i think. It's just a perspective transform. You could also scale them like that as well.

  • Thanks R0J0hound ! This is a really nice demo!

    Is it possible to use custom web font? (I don't know JS...)

    I mentioned Star Wars opening text as an example of "a creative and fun idea", but it will not fit the purpose - reading lots of achievements like this will be very annoying for the player.

    I don't necessarily need very cool visual effects, just something more interesting than 3 buttons with 3 text areas.

  • dop2000

    You can specify the font, i don't know if web fonts have any special handling besides that.

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