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  • Greetings everyone

    I need some ideas for future games

    Any idea you have POST IT HERE

    thanks in advance

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  • Do we get paid?

  • Please don't take offense, kbdmaster, but if I have a good idea for a game, I certainly would not be giving the idea away.

  • Also I think you already posted a topic about that in the past. You'd rather find it again and list the ideas given there somewhere you'll remember to check them.

  • I don't think ideas are actually worth much - it's the actual game made from the idea which is important.

    Two game devs can have the exact same idea and come up with completely different games. One might be really fun too, and the other not so much. The idea didn't really decide any of how the game works, what it looks like, if it's fun, etc.

  • Making games isn't just a matter of putting together objects and events in Construct 2 (apologies, Ashley and Tom :)). The very best part is thinking up ideas for yourself. Observe, imagine, dream, kbdmaster!

  • People here divided game creation or game entity into two groups:

    One claims the idea is what it's all about and the other claims the idea doesn't matter and it's the actual game creation, graphics, logic and execution lever are the ones which makes a good game.

    Well, the truth is much more complex. If you don't have an original idea than the pressure start to build up on the level of execution, how well the graphics look and behave, how's the music, how well the game was programmed.

    When you have an original idea than it's more easy to win but without good execution your idea will not reach players.

    In order to make a fun game you must have maximized all aspects. If your idea is great people will judge you in other aspects. If your idea is not original people will be expecting some new twists on that general idea.

    If your idea is great, your graphics are eye popping and your music melts ears your game might not make it if it doesn't have that "magic" thing, that X-factor, that fun factor of playing it.

    Bottom line, having new ideas won't help you. If you don't have ideas for future game simple roll a dice. One die will determine the category (shooter, platform, sport, etc.) while the other will determine the time era - futuristic, western, etc.

    This method will give you something like: Do a western platform game or even Create a futuristic puzzle game.

    With such a direction you can devote yourself to the actual game making. On this skeleton you can (and probably need) more ideas cause with these ideas your game will probably shine. If these small improvement will score in the X-Factor, if these will make people have fun with your game than you have a winner.

  • HotGod ...--i stick to that--...

    It's the same as musicians, there are thousands of theme out there.

    But there is always on left to discover, no matter if it's about blues, rock, pop or whatever, now and then there is someone coming around that is making the same kind of music but slightly different.

    That's the same with making games, there are a lot of them out there, not thousands but maybe millions of them.

    So create and make your game, and let others decide...

    If they like it you will know, if it sucks...

  • I bet you pixel had lots of ideas for games during the time he was working on Cave Story.

    But you know what the funny thing is? He sat down intermittently over a period of five years working on Cave Story, to make sure that Cave Story was good.

    One good polished game is worth more than a thousand ideas.

  • I think it's not a bad thing to give words away as concepts for people to grasp. Everybody will have a different vision of how it comes out, and it will benefit everyone, me included...

    italian plumbers

    fallen angels

    lucha libre


    flying city

    giant worms

    killing bees

    fishing rods

    magic beans

    rebel princess

    rogue sailor

    spaceship races


    none of this will make a game, but you see the images already, don't you?

  • italian plumbers

    you see the images already, don't you?

    sved: I have no idea what you're trying to reference here.

    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Let me try some:

    Pro soccer

    Vicious penguin

    Hungry snake

    Flying babysitter

    Pro football

    Table fight

    Citizen jumping

    Law signing

    Fence painting

    Pro hockey

    Sexy possum

    Doubtable lawyer

    Enforcer sponsor

    Dirty cop


    Hey it's funny and easy <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Yes thanks sved

    i got an idea :)

  • I stumbled across a random video game title generator a while back, bookmarked it for use later. Not a bad tool if you're looking for some random inspiration <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • I don't think ideas are actually worth much - it's the actual game made from the idea which is important.

    Your idea is worthless unless it gets released.

  • The Bespectacled one just made my day ^^

    I think I'll be developing the Celtic Ostrich Empire soon!

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