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  • I've almost perfectly mastered the art of split screen,spent countless hours trying out different techniques and way in which to actually make certain aspects work!!!

    Now comes a problem of actual game ideas that incorporate it,i've built a simple 'preview' of it and it came out pretty well.

    Also it's hardly 'cpu intensive' depending on the game it may put pressure on the gpu but thats about it.

    Now comes the question...are there any good skeleton ideas that revolve around 2 players based in RT or that just require visuals of both the players at the same time?

    I'd love to know,please do let me know down below if you guys know of anything?

  • If I'm understanding you right you are in search for ideas for split screen type games? So nostalgic racing games like mario kart come to my mind. Also some kind of capture the flag type mechanics with fun retro optic would work.

  • Almost perfectly mastered the art of split screen? Would you be so kind as to share your powers?

    And by split screen do you mean the usual type of split screen we all know?

    There was a type of split screen in.. I forget the name of the game but...

    Depending at which angle you guys left each other the screen would slice in such a way that it would not necessarily be down the middle, and it rotated as it needed be depending on where the players were next to each other.

  • I would like to kno too, of some of these methods. Im currently working on a way to Split Screen for a game, and nothing is working right :/

  • The canvas or paster plugins are helpful for this.

    The canvas plugin can make things easier due to it's "paste layer" action, but pasting things like tilemaps will cause an error if webgl is on. Actually the performance is much better when using the canvas object if webgl is off.

    The paster plugin could be used as well. It was written to utilize webgl more efficiently than canvas, and it allows pasting objects with effects applied (at least mostly). One drawback is it doesn't have a "paste layer" action, so you'll have to paste objects individually.

    With either object pasting tilemaps and particles is a problem since those objects for efficiency only draw what is on screen. The post here has a solution for both that may help.

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  • Couldn't you somehow use the html iframe element in your final exported html or maybe with the browser plugin load another instance of your HTML into an area to make a perfect split screen game?


    <iframe src="yourgame.html"></iframe>

    <iframe src="alsoyourgame.html"></iframe>

    in your game html.. Then have them talk to each other via something. Just a vague idea...

  • Depending at which angle you guys left each other the screen would slice in such a way that it would not necessarily be down the middle, and it rotated as it needed be depending on where the players were next to each other.

    The two games that come to mind that have this sort of dynamic split screen is some of the newer lego games (lego marvel) and keflings. I haven't looked into split screen much yet but if he has figured out a good way to do split screen it could likely be customized to work like this which would be awesome.

  • I would love to find a way to do a dynamic split screen.

  • Yea, I really hope Ashley has considered this option for Construct 3. The other day I picked up a copy of GameMaker and was shocked to see how easy it was to make different views (aka split screen). Just copy that from GameMaker and you can color me impressed for C3.

  • for split screen you can do that easy with 2 viewports(which acts like canvases areas as an object) trough q3d plugin... but then not sure if u want to use any 3rd parties.

    or you can ask Gigatron to see if he can implement the viewport in his ThreejsCanvas plugin he is working on which is using the same libraries as Q3d since both are based on ThreeJS

    or you can make a 2d canvas viewport based on the ThreeJs but using the Canvas2d? not sure if that makes sense or how hard wold that be.

  • Sorry for taking so long to reply to you guys.I had just gotten a new PC and then there where a few family issues and stuff.

    Yes my idea does use the paster plugin.And yes it kind of angles the screen depending on the player.I starter off with a split screen template on here and it kind of sparked my interest and i turned it into something alot more.Might sell it on the store,but for now i still need to get my beast set up.

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