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    We're less than 10 days away from Ludum Dare 29 (April 25th - 28th). Ludum Dare is an accelerated game development event held every 4 months. Thousands of developers create games for two concurrent competitions taking place over 1 weekend. Full competition rules can be viewed on Ludum Dare's webstite, but here's a summary:

    • 48 hours long
    • You must work alone
    • You must use the competition theme
    • All game content must be created within the 48 hours, with a few exceptions (see full rules)
    • Publicly available libraries and middleware (e.g. Construct 2) are allowed
    • Source Code must be included when submitting
    • 72 hours long
    • Work alone or in teams
    • All creation tools are allowed

    At the end of the weekend, entrants rate each other's games for 3 weeks. Winners are announced at the end of the rating period. Here are a few things you may find useful/interesting:

    Previous Ludum Dare (LD28) info:

    Ludum Dare Survival Guide

    - Great tips, especially if this is your first Ludum Dare.


    - I nice collection of popular tools used by many Ludum Dare participants.

    On a personal note, I've found these competitions to be a great experience. Testing my game creation abilities, under tight conditions, with a strict deadline, is a wild ride. Making it to the end, and submitting a game provides a great sense of accomplishment. Also, the LD community is one of the friendliest I've seen. I hope to see many of you participate.

  • I've done one Ludum Dare. I learned a lot and I realized what my limitations were. I learned so much during these 4 months. I went from being a complete noob to being a noob that's aware of his limitations... hehe.

    I can't wait for this! I wonder what the theme will be...

  • With Ludum Dare 29 coming up, I started to think about my skillset and the tools I know how to use and Construct 2 came to mind. It's great to see all the new website changes and that development is still going strong. The new multiplayer feature seems really cool and might be enough to bring me back to using C2 again if it proves to be stable and ready for commercial use.

    I'm still doing things in Unity and absolutely loving game development, regardless of what software I'm using. To everyone on here who plans on doing LD29 with C2 - best of luck and have fun

  • You can also get cheaper software through Ludum... ... -for-ld29/

  • Definitely participating. Last time I had internet issues when it came to voting, so I was unable to play others' games and my game went unranked, unfortunately. This time round I intend to play as many entries as I can, so here's hoping for an interesting theme!

    Also, should this topic be in the Game Development forum?

  • Good luck to everyone!

  • Voting rounds have started.

    And I'm frigging excited for this week-end.

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  • Unfortunately I might not have enough time. Maybe I squeeze something in 12 hours or so if the theme is fun enough.

    Also if someone is going to stream it would be nice to have link here.

  • For me, it'll depend on my use of time. Saturday especially since I usually travel somewhere, and usually long distances.

  • I'm definitely in!

  • Final round votes are on.

    Some interesting themes, some less.

    What is the theme you're fancying the most ?

  • What is the theme you're fancying the most ?

    My Top three are...

    You are the world


    You are your own enemy


    Everything connected

  • With Ludum Dare 29 coming up, I started to think about my skillset and the tools I know how to use and Construct 2 came to mind.

    I do this as well. Every Ludum Dare, I consider using Gamemaker or a Haxe library. Since my goal in these events is to make the best possible game in the 48 hours, I always end up using C2. It allows me to prototype and develop ideas at a faster rate.

    Are more people planning on using the multiplayer feature of Construct 2?

    I'm most likely not. Multiplayer is a slippery slope with Ludum Dare games. I've found most multiplayer games aren't rated fairly since the game can only be fully experienced if multiple people are playing concurrently. That may not matter if you're goal is solely to make an awesome game. If your goal is to do well in the competition, you may want to reconsider using multiplayer unless you plan on being logged into your game a majority of the time (which I've seen people do).

    What is the theme you're fancying the most ?

    There are quite a few I like, but I think my favorite is "Two Worlds".

  • All seem to be promising. Looking forward to see some games


    Funny avatar, Bud. Hard to speak to a spider now and not to a Baby anymore. Need to get used to that.

  • What is the theme you're fancying the most ?

    Well considering it is for a solo 48 hour competition I guess it has to be "Isolation", "Time does not exist" and , of course,"It's NOT supposed to do That!".

    Good luck to all.

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