Ludum Dare 29 (Theme:Beneath the Surface)

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  • All seem to be promising. Looking forward to see some games


    Funny avatar, Bud. Hard to speak to a spider now and not to a Baby anymore. Need to get used to that.

    Yip, ran into some issues with fellow member(s) and scirra not banning trolls from months back. Not a place to show my babies face anymore.

    I am also taking time out/back seat from helping out, will still help, but drastically less.

    Anyways, I needed a image quick - I'll put a new one, better one at some time

    Edit: added new one


    Well that will be sad to hear for all the rookies out there, as i think you are one of most active helpers out there. But I can understand it. I also noticed that there are some ... let´s say not well-adjusted people here on the board and of course lots of "i want money but don´t do anything for it"- people

  • In for the 9th time, all using Construct ^^

  • Hi everyone, I'm in again for Ludum Dare and using C2, really looking forward to it!

    I found it helps to have a thread here on the forum, definitely post your game here. It helps develop a nice little C2 sub-community within Ludum Dare, and it means you should get a few votes and comments even if you don't have time to get your game onto the front page. Having said that, if this is your first LD then do try and rate as many games as possible, and leave a constructive comment.

    Also, I have created some public Spotify playlists for this Ludum Dare. I have made them collaborative, so if anybody wants to add anything then go for it.

    Standard Playlist Link

    Quieter Playlist Link

    Instrumental Playlist. Link

    What is the theme you're fancying the most ?

    I think Beneath the Surface and We Must Go Deeper are my favourites. Good luck everyone!

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  • Break the rules is what I hope for. We're just some hours away!

  • I'm liking Beneath the Surface but there are quite a few decent themes in the final round.

  • The theme is Beneath the Surface!

  • I'm pretty happy with that theme, good luck everyone

  • Looks like I have to skip this years ludum... spending time with family

  • Hm, I'm out for this one. Made a bit of progress, but it's become rather buggy and messy, and I don't have the time to clean it up to a simply playable state. It's been fun, I got to play around with blend modes a bit, which is something I haven't had a chance to do yet, but I have a couple other things I need to be doing.

    Best of luck to those still in the dare!

  • PixelMonkey that's a shame, I enjoyed your last two entries. Ours is going OK, but we're starting to say "we'll fix that later" a bit too much

  • I'm in for my first Ludum Dare. It's fair to say that it's been a long weekend so far...!!

  • here's my entry: ... &uid=34179



    if you are looking for a partner to make games!!

  • Just submitted my game Shelter.

  • Submitted my game : Daisy's dog is dead. ... &uid=31332

    Check it out <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

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