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  • Hi, I'm making platform game with multiple levels.

    Because levels are a lot I was wondering if there is a fast way to build them.

    Let me explain better, I know that when coding a game in Java the fastest way to build a level is to create a .txt file and filling it with "0","1","2","3",..."N"

    Something like this:

      4                       4                        444
      4                      444                       444
         3                                    33                          
       1111        1111111111111111       111111111
    and then associate every number to a specific object
    (in my example, "1" = ground, "2" = lava, "3" = enemy, "4" = scores/money).
    This is very efficient when your game have a lot of levels.
    [b]So here my question:[/b]
    Is there in Construct 2 a way to build levels with this method (or anything similar)  so as you can build a lot of levels fast?
    [i](Sorry my bad english but I'm italian)[/i]
    Thanks to everyone in advance.
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  • You can use tilemap to associate with number as coordinates.

    In that case you see ground tile number is 28 then you should set in dictionary as 28 = 1

    Then import your map text and do action to create tiles from dictionary keys, also picking coordinates according to length and newline in txt like:

    newline number max 9 goes to last tile.Y coordinate.

  • Sorry to hijack, it's a related question though.

    If creating "screen size" levels, would it be best to use the dictionary method or to simply create multiple layouts using the tile map?

  • I would say tile map is the best choice for that. I use it and is super useful to create my levels.

  • Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

  • Thanks alot... I thought so, but just wanted to check

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