how many level should i do? how know when a game is ready to be show?

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  • Hello,

    I'am doing a small game where the player have to go out of a level without being kill.

    Each level is in general pretty fast 20 seconds to 40 seconds to complete it. Well thats the time i make because i know the level perfectly, that's possible a random need more time.

    What do you think, a game like that need how many levels? At least 200 for the first version to see if it works?

  • How about you add an additional challenge every 10 levels, with a maximum of a 100 levels?

    Maybe even just 50 levels, if additions are substantial: you don't wanna drown yourself with more work.

    Yes: you have less levels, but there's more content to 'em. This will also motivate the player to keep on playing to find out what the next (or extra) challenge will be.

    As your game is fast, players might catch on to what is happening faster and stop playing the game as they already know what's around the next corner.

    My two pence:D

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  • That really all depends on what kind of game it is, who the audience is, and whether or not you're going to sell it for money.

    What genre is the game? Is it just for your friends/family or are you going to publish it somewhere? Is it a desktop, web, or mobile game?

  • It's a casual puzzle game.

    The player complete a level by choosing the right of different stuff according to the clue.

    I would like to publish it on smartphone for free but with adds.

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