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  • Hi everybody, I was just wondering what designing software does the community use for games.

    I myself use Photoshop and Inkscape, I prefer Inkscape more for game design''just my opinion''.

  • sharben Inkscape is a very nice open source vector graphics editor. I have used it extensively for my game graphics. Illustrator CS6 is nice too but very expensive.

  • Gimp is an open source image editing tool. I am not sure if it is true, but I read/heard that Photoshops is a branch of Gimp that went the for profit path. Gimp is very powerful and is updated and supported quit well if you need to edit or create photo quality images/graphics to use in a game. I also use Inkscape have found it all that I need to create vector or png images to us as sprites in C2.

  • Nice, thanks for suggestions!

  • For crisp clean graphics, and fluid animation, give Blender a try.

    Great for making smoke poofs and fire animations. The fluid and physics simulator make so you can do some neat special effect's.

    You can even set the materials to non-shaded to give a flat-solid-lifeless look like things from inkscape.

    Another great tool for game design is Neo-Texture-Edit. It generates 100%seamless tiles. Great for game tiles!

    Make humnan is another cool resource, you can make a human to your specs, pose and animate them in blender!

    Anyway, go to sourceforge and poke around, you will find all kinds of great liitle tools and utilitys.

    Imagemagick is a commandline tool for images, you can make scripts to re-size entire folders of images. Neat for batch prossessing and compositing.

    FFMPEG- will let you convert and tweak any video and audio files.

    SWF tools will let you make small SWF files from a veriety of image sources.

    Wings 3D is a solid modeler that will produce 100% watertight models for animating or 3D printing.

    Sculptris- A killer application from Pixologic! Sculpt with millions of polys! Neat for faces, and making tree stumps!.

    Texturemaker- Like neotextureedit, only $70 more expensive... THey have a lot more tools than Neo like a particle engine and a few ways to geerate random textures.

    GenTex- If you are wealthy, and have $200-$5000 to spend on applications Genetica litterally has a "Make me a cool texture" button. Very overpriced, but very impressive!

  • I use Aseprite for all my pixel needs. It's easy to use and you can also animate flawlessly with it. I consider it a hidden gem.

  • (Actually Photoshop was started in 1988, Gimp started in 1996.)

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  • I use Adobe Photoshop for graphic design and it really high quality for use for designing. I love to use it.

  • What I mostly used till 2011-2012:

    Pixel art: Graphics Gale, Grafx2

    Painting: ArtRage, Painter, Gimp

    General 2D: Gimp

    3D: Blender, Wings3D, SketchUp, Kerkythea Render

    Vectors: Inkscape

    DTP: Scribus

    What I mostly use right now:

    Pixel art: Grafx2

    Painting: Painter, Photoshop CC

    General 2D: Photoshop CC

    3D: Blender, SketchUp, Octane Render

    Vectors: Illustrator CC

    DTP: InDesign CC

    and generally what is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud

    I switched to Adobe because of precise job needing but I've got to say that for years I worked with open-source tools and software like Gimp and Inkscape is absolutely top quality and more than enough for game development related tasks. Blender then is an amazing professional software, I started using it with the 1.7 release and it kept getting better constantly.

  • I use 3D S Max and Photoshop for mostly everything. I really need to learn how to use GIMP. I think I did try it once.....many many years ago :p. Will definitely try some of the 2D and other software recommended here.

  • I use Sumopaint or inkscape for the stand-in graphics then move to blender for production graphics, Here are a couple of examples

    <center><img src="" border="0" />

    <img src="" border="0" />


  • I use photoshop and gimp

  • I use Illustrator and Photoshop most of the time. The great feature of Smart-Objects makes it incredibly great to work cross-over.

  • I've used quite a few through my rpg maker and 001 engine project days, but mainly :

    *Gimp (Powerful 2d image manipulation)

    *Spriter (Added benefit of having a Construct 2 plugin)

    *Spritesheet maker

    *Glue It

    For Music/Sounds


  • Sumopaint

    Oooh, this looks like a great tool, thanks for mentioning it!

    Great looking blue creature, too.

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