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  • I wonder how they would look and behave opponents in a platform game.

    i need ideas


  • a mushroom, oh and some turtles, and a plant coming from a pipe!

    tbh, just look at any game, or your surroundings,

    "good artists copy, great artists steal"

  • This depends on the plot of your game, what you do is move it on a given platform, making some sort of movement while walking.

  • I actually was looking into this not long ago, how to make things interesting in caves... my main reference here was Cave Story, especially the puffy enemies that can hover for a while... they are passive, and get an aggressive behaviour when on range, hover then try to smash the player when above. The bats wait then dive toward the player when in range, then go slowly back to sleeping position if they miss.

    I like the idea of idle enemies that will not be aggressive if you don't disturb them, with a different behaviour depending of situation (attack, flee, taunt, jump ledge, dive from ledge...), it gives a feeling that the caves are having a life/routine of their own, that you just disturbed, and will slowly get back to peace once you leave.

  • sved

    that sounds really good..

  • Search "Metroid Fusion SA-X". It's a scary unbeatable enemy that you meet throughout the game several times that scares the <img src="smileys/smiley35.gif" border="0"> out of you each time it pops up that is extremely powerful. But it must notice you first, so when SA-X appears, you have to be quiet and not get into its line of sight. I made an enemy like that in my game, it's the first enemy in the game

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  • fassFlash

    like the sound of your enemy.. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • a mushroom, oh and some turtles, and a plant coming from a pipe!

    tbh, just look at any game, or your surroundings,

    "good artists copy, great artists steal"

    "The worst thing an artist can do is try to copy someone else"

    I would say, have a look around at the other games and draw ides/inspiration from them but don't attempt to copy or rip them off unless of course you're planning a fan project or parody.

    Really though, the enemies and such would depend on your game and or story, what is going on. What are the objectives and or goals of the levels?

    Until you answer things like this and how your game will play you cannot simply come up with enemies or how you will encounter them on the spot like that, well you might be able to but it would make your life easier thinking out other things and incorporating those design elements into the process of creating such enemies.

  • I'm more interested in the behavioral side than the thematic side of platform enemies myself, but here is something I made back in MMF2 to give you an idea behind the thought process:


    State 0: Patrol state (entering mode sets state timer to 0)

    1 - increase the state timer by 1 each frame until it reaches 60 (1 second)

    2 - every frame move X pixels in the direction faced

    3 - If the state timer is >= 60 and the player is in reactive area (space in front of the plasmole) then enter attack prep state

    4 - After 200 pixels have been traversed, switch directions. (monster pauses for roughly 20 frames before turning) and continue traveling

    State 1: Attack Prep State (state timer set to 0 upon entering)

    1 - every frame increment the state timer until it reaches 40 (2/3rds of a second)

    2 - point weapon at player every frame

    3 - state timer >= 40? Switch to Attack State

    State 2: Attack State (state timer set to 0, gun_angle_base set to whatever the gun angle is upon entering)

    1 - every frame increment the state timer until it reaches 90 (1.5 seconds)

    2 - every frame set the gun position to... some magnitude * trigonometry function (sin I think) of the state timer + gun angle base.

    3 - every 3 frames generate a puff of fire which will travel out of the gun at whatever angle the gun is pointing out.

    4 - when 90 frames have elapsed, switch back to patrol state

    Destruction State:

    generate flying gun piece. Apply velocity.

    spawn an explosion sprite which will just vanish when it is done animating

    destroy the object

    Flying gun piece:

    add gravity each frame.

    after some number of frames, make it spawn an explosion sprite as above and get destroyed

    fire puff:

    Proceed in direction of velocity

    After 60 frames vanish (vanishing lasts 10 frames. Fire is not collidable while it vanishes)

  • If you inspire from one source, it's plagiarism.

    If you inspire from 10 sources, it's research.

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