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  • what is the best programme i have to use to make logo and background for my appliaction

  • and sounds effect programme

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  • Hmm... I'd suggest GIMP and Inkscape. They are both free and very powerful software. In good hands they can become equally good as Photoshop and Illustrator. My experience is though that they are not equally easy to use but that is nothing to worry. You'll learn the basics quickly

    For SFX? There are many. But I'd suggest looking for ready made sound effects. If you really want to look into creating your own you will need a microphone, USB powered audio interface and a digital audio workstation (Avid ProTools, Ableton Live, Presonus Studio One, Steinberg Cubase etc). I'd suggest Ableton Live for sound design of all those.

  • thank you for your help

    your answer is very helpful

  • You are most welcome lachaal!

  • I have some free alternatives for you as well, if you would like.

    For graphics, another option for you would be Paint.NET. I find it's a better program than GIMP which is just too frustrating to use, and you don't have to download a bunch of plugins to get it to do what you want.

    For sound you might want to try Audacity. It's for editing, instead of creation, but you can layer existing sounds and add effects to make completely new sounds. I've layered thunder, dog barks and explosions to make gun sounds before. It's fun.

    If you are doing 8-bit sound effects and music, nothing beats Dr.Petter's tools.

    sfxr for sound effects

    musagi for music

    Good luck!

  • thank you ryanrybot

    i try

  • do you have an idea about how much money i can earn from making game!!


  • Totally forgot about Paint.NET!! That will get my support most definitely. It is not as feature rich as GIMP but will perform more than enough for most needs regarding graphic design on this forum

    Audacity is good for many things too. I've just found some of it's editing features somewhat... frustrating

    How much money you can make? That depends on many things. It is nothing to paying most taxes in Finland for example

  • thank you for the information

    that's what i try to do original game

    have a good day

  • hi

    where i can find logo and background and soundseffect ready for making game

    and thank you

  • Google is great for finding backgrounds. But you must always ask for permission to use the material unless it is clearly stated that they are free to use. For sound effects I often use Sound Bible. There you just have to pay attention to the licenses and terms. There is a bunch of websites that will come up if you google "free sound effects". Logo is best to design yourself. Those you can't really find unless you are looking for something super generic and unimaginative.

  • ok i try to do that

    i hope success for you

    and thank you

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