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  • Help pls - it kills me for more than 2 weeks, every tick

    Is there a way to combine: Turret, Line of Sight and Path finding in multiplayer game. All combinations just suck glitch and make me angry. The biggest problem is that the AI firing into the wall, since for the player to a shorter distance. Or ignore the other players and selects only one. I've tried more than 5 different ways. Changes the distances, viewing angles, events algorithms, variables and etc.

    The problem persists. It seems to me that such a combination is not suitable for the multiplayer for a number of reasons.

    Guys, can you help break through the ice? I've reviewed a lot of tutorials on the Internet, there's talk about basic things. This is not my situation.

    I just want to correct, decent and optimal solution.

    Can you advise? Maybe there any examples where the combined Turret, Line of Sight and Path finding in multiplayer game?


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  • IN the clients side everything should be proxies. The actual game should be happening only on the host system.

  • Hi,

    I known this fact. Thanks for the clarification.

    I was able to describe the algorithm that controls the enemy units on host side and sync with peers.

    The moment I got stuck at how Turret behavior Selecting target before shooting. As soon find out, I will give to know.

    If someone can share their experience with a great desire to wait.

  • One thing I notice is never use predictive movement on anything that's not 8 directional movement. MP is a fickle beast.

  • I agree with you sinistar99!

    Yesterday I went to bed, thinking that I was able to make a logical AI ... Unfortunately, today when returning to a draft, very disappointed. F *** AI in MP.

    I do not even what to say - time spent in vain and not more.

    ... LOS, and Turret combination. Also ... families and foreach. All of this trash is incompatible with any multiplayer game if players moving and AI enemies too.

    Why Turret and LOS can not be one LIB? Why? All you need to Turret can not see the target through solid object.

    But I'm not giving up. ... that!

    Men, this is war! And I got an idea!

  • This is a bug.

    In real time using the Turret and LOS combination Turret target mode incorrectly interpreted and not separately for each facility, and according to a certain sequence all at once (I'm guessing that every tick). This raises a major problem in the Turret no longer respond correctly to the target and not correctly using target mode.

    Are you understanding what I mean?

    For this reason it is necessary to seek a solution through the round.

    Tomorrow I will start all over again.

  • Finally succeeded in finding a solution (work around) for multi-targeting. I'm not sure whether entirely correct and error-free. But I have not found a better solution.

    Still need to adapt pathfinding. When I finished, I will share.

    Also I do not know how I will be able to synchronize On turret shooting action with peers ... But that's another problem, which is still pending.

  • mcart

    glad to here this... looking forward to see you solution.

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