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  • I would like to organize a team to make a 2d game with combat, rpg, and multiplayer elements similar to Dark Souls, and exploration and upgrade elements similar to Metroid. I'm on a budget of $0, and my only relevant skills are things like level design and balancing. I need custom artwork, music, and possibly coding/scripting for more complex features. I'll share more details if anyone shows interest. Thanks.

    P.S. I have no intention of actually calling the game Dark Souls or anything like it. It merely draws inspiration from the Souls series, as well as many other games.

  • Out of thread: How do you collaborate with multiple peoples on projects?

  • Do as much work that you can by yourself, until you master at least artwork or coding.

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  • Out of thread: How do you collaborate with multiple peoples on projects?

    If you are trying to have multiple people building the game within construct you can use tools like SVN to manage merging code together. Most of the time, when I am working on projects with other people, they do everything outside of construct like making art, animations, music, sound effects or coming up with level designs. Having a team of people for playtesting can be very helpful too.

  • I don't have enough Reputation to respond to PM's, so you'll have to post here for now if you want to help.

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