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  • Hi

    I've recently submitted my game. Here is what I'm told:

    [quote:1m4q0ysy]Hi there,

    We see you uploaded a Nook and Amazon APKs on the File Manager before. We would just like to clear if this is an HTML5 game or an Android game. If this is an HTML5 game, please upload the zipped file on the File Manager.

    - Go to your game's listing

    - Click File Manager

    - Click Remove Last Build, if one exists

    - Zip all game files for your HTML5 game in a single layer package

    - Click Choose File and browse to your HTML5 zip

    - Select HTML Game (ZIP) from the dropdown

    - Click Upload


    - QA Status: In Testing

    - Art Status: Creating Art

    I don't understand... During the submission process, I was asked for an .apk files (both for Nook and Amazon), and now they want me to send a .zip file ? I don't understand.

    Which exporter should I use and what am I supposed to send exactly?

    Thanks in advance,


    You probably clicked too fast, but you should of chosen "HTML5" in the wizard and not the others such as Unity, Android, etc..

  • FGLmatt please include a disable option in your plugin so we don't have to branch our projects for other platforms. FGL brings up a debug menu when the game is run. Which is only useful for builds aimed at FGL. Which means I have to have two projects which I have to make identical changes to maintain.

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  • Hello Matt, I am trying to send you my new game in Construct 2 but in the process I find a few problems:

    1) Export my Game as html5 web normal mode (you request an embedded iframe?, so i have to use embedded with the fixed sizes of the game?

    2) Since I don't have my own server at the moment I use GoogleDrive. But the method explained in C2 tutorial doesn't work since I cannot edit the URL (and I don't see the FOLDERID thing mentioned in the tutorial...Since the exported project generates a bunch of files: a) first i share the whole folder of the game (but what i understand is that the shared link must be directly that of the indexhtml file and from this file its reads the whole game project??

    3) Since you ask no to implement adds in the sended game I havent use the pluggin inside the game yet

    4) When I send to myself the public link of the file index.html it opens the file in script view

    (i think because it reads from the file in drive instead of the http address)


    Alfonso Martinez

    PD: solved-->Kristy? russian method works, you can get the public link of your index.html file clicking in More Options-->See Details-->public link...eureka!

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