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  • Hi guys

    I'm in the process of rebooting my little game-making business. I've had a lot of downtime since Flash and Mochiads went downhill and recently decided how I'd like to proceed in the future.

    Basically, I want to run a website for my own HTML5 games and monetise through sponsorships and advertising. I'm comfortable with this part of the business, and happy to be fully responsible for all the work that needs to be done.

    I do however want to finally start putting some stuff on iOS and Android (a little late I know). I've made almost 40 games over the last few years, and I am looking at porting a bunch of them, as well as making new ones regularly.

    To the point ...

    I've been thinking, that it would be a good idea to find somebody with whom I could share the iOS and Android profits, if they were to do the distribution / promotion etc.

    Obviously I would need to find a knowledgable, trustworthy person who can show me that they can in some way push the apps to make some sort of income.

    Basically, I would make the games - they would do all the iOS and Android stuff, and we would split the profits.

    At the peak of the Flash era, I've a pretty nice following, with good feedback and scores. I want to get back to having fun making games, but I don't have the time or knowledge, on how to market them on iOS and Android.

    Here are a few links to some of my games (most made with Flash - looking to port some of them) ...

    Do you guys have any suggestions / thoughts on this?

    Thank you very much for any feedback!

  • Hey Ninjadoodle! I am looking for someone with high-quality games to promote I can certainly guarantee you plenty of installs and exposure. Can you PM me your email address?

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  • Hi sidneycat

    I sent you a pm as you requested

    I'm still interested in what people have to say. I'm not really looking for a publisher, but someone knowledgable who could help with the app market, for a share of any profits made.

    Do any of you guys have a similar setup, or do you do everything by yourselves?

    Thanks again!

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