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  • Hi,

    I have problem when want to build app with Crosswalk for Android

    This is part whit this text:



    .../tools/ant/build.xml:653: The following error occurred while executing this line:

    .../tools/ant/build.xml:679: targetApi attribute value must be >= 1


    When build with simple Android all is good. Does anyone know where is problem?

    Thank you.

  • Hello Dusan!

    I have same problem.

    When I build with simple Android occur error too, but don't show where.

    I like to now what is happen.

    Thank you

  • looks like you didnt set the Target build in your project settings

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  • You mean in ItelXDK?

  • Which release of Construct 2? Build r190 had the data.js problem with Windows Store but I don't think is was ONLY Windows Store. I corrected this by hand, (since I can't get the updated release from Steam!!!) to data.json then also changing data.js to data.json in your c2runtime.js file. After that my file completed the Crosswalk build successfully.

  • I don't think its just construct because a simple game I made in pure HTML + javascript failed in XDK. If you have an orlder version of XDK use that because they updated it and now it causes all types of bugs in apps.

  • I updated IntelXDK and now working...

    Thank you for you help and time!

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