I want to purchase but...interstitial ads.

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  • Hello,

    Im very tempted to buy a license but the information on adding adMob adverts to a project seems scattered. I realize that I can add banners but what about interstitial ads? Since switching from banner ads to interstitial ads, my apps have generated 5x more income.

    Are adMob interstitial ads possible in a Android exported project?

    Thanks so much.

  • What are interstitial apps? Do you mean fullscreen adds?

  • What are interstitial apps? Do you mean fullscreen adds?

    Correct Any idea?

  • It is possible with cocoonjs/admob/mopub. Check out these tutorials:

    https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/781/ho ... b-cocoonjs

    https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/1024/m ... onjs-games

  • Thanks but those two links describe using banner ads and not interstitial ads. I have a feeling it cant be done .

  • It can be done - I do it with my games. The same instructions apply. You set up full screen ads in Admob and Mopub, and in C2 use the cocoonjs plugin to show full screen ads.

  • Thank you enku - interesting.

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  • Definitely can be done, I have seen other users completed games with them. Buy the license. You won't regret it.

  • Thanks all

  • Im having some issues with the interstitial, i have test to compile with all the cocoon versions, the interstitial ad, is not showing at all, but the banner is working fine, anyone having this issue?


  • JLH1964 I am very disappointed with ads in C2+CocoonJS...I wasted weeks of troubleshooting and recompiling. Ads not showing for me..no banners, no interstitial. I wish Scirra [EDIT:Ludey actually] give back my precious time wasted trying to get the ads working...When things are not working as supposed to...you might thing you have bad luck...when in fact you depend on others for your luck... My advice is to buy the license but don't expect to ear money from ads....do freelancing for html5 or sell to iOS

  • Why don't you ask for help on the forums with adds? I hear some people have got them working

  • JLH1964 I am very disappointed with ads in C2+CocoonJS...My advice is to buy the license but don't expect to ear money from ads....do freelancing for html5 or sell to iOS

    You've got my interest. I'm buying the license soon & I plan to start making a little money. Do you have any advice on freelancing this stuff? I've never seen any ads for someone looking for a game-builder...

  • miketv You can search (or post) job offers here on Scirra https://www.scirra.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=160 Also search for freelance sites like oDesk, freelance and make an account there. I once put my game on FLG and someone contacted me to make some games. Important is to first have a small portfolio with games having nice looking graphics (2-3 games). Some people here on Scirra also publish to different sites or find sponsorship...but I don't have any experience with that. At oDesk I had to start working for almost free projects just to start with some good reviews. My advice is to start with the lowest price you can afford to survive..and increase the price until you see too many refusals...then you are in balance with your quality/price

  • I'm looking at jumping onto some of my older projects on C2, and I was interested in adding interstitial ads to my game, as I am getting a fillrate of 6% with Mopub which is an absolute joke ! I see people are under the impression that interstitial ads are fullscreen ads only, to my knowledge they are fullscreen ads, but more importantly, they are Web Ads. The main difference between these ads quite simply is the fill rate and how they are fetched as well as not needing to have a ad ID# on an interstitial ads, whereas you need an ad ID# for a Banner AD.

    There is a big difference between a regular fullscreen ad and an interstitial ad. Basically interstitial ads are the real way to go with regard to profit and fill rate.

    Does Construct 2 provide this?

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