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  • Hello,

    we are new in here, and we will have plenty of questions . For now, we already create first simple app, that is already published on Google Play and also we have first data in statistics, so everything goes well.

    Problem we have now is, that our application is named Animal Classroom, but when we type it in search, we get no results. If we use animalclassroom, app is found. I think everything is ok in Google Play APK settings, so I think, we must add correct name, keywords, etc. in Construct, in phase of exporting APK, maybe...

    Please, can anyone give us some basic Info, how to export and import APK well, so we get correct results in search. I know, that no one will seach for Animal Classroom, unless we have some promo, but these basics worries me.

    Thx a lot! George.

  • Hi George. In my experience, this is how google treats new submissions in general. You need to drive traffic by yourself first, and after googles detects that your app has some attention, it will improve search rankings. All of the apps that I submitted wouldnt show up in search by exact title match at first. Afer some time and some installs they sarted showing up.

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  • Apparently you can find your app if you search with double quotes - "Animal Classroom"

    More info. in this post -

  • Thank you guys. It really looks like that, before I get some statistics and attention, we need to get some traffic and rating. 5 installs makes it better, With version 2 of Animal Classroom, beacuse this is test only, we will make more promo, etc.

    BTW, do you have soem advice for how promote new app? Payed / free?


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