Publishing to AppStore without a Mac system

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  • Hmm, that is not good

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  • , wow thank you for that! True, I can't find any info on whether or not Apply might ban you or punish you if they detect you were using some sort of illegal means to create those certificates. I guess that was one of the main reasons why I was gearing towards macincloud. I saw many recommending virtualbox as well in the other forums. I will go take a look and just have a look at how it works and if there are any current information on whether it will work and how to make it work. Haha since I am not that good with the deeper technical side of computers, I am worried of going to deep and end up messing my computer. Hopefully it doesn't deal with the root files.

    Also, macincloud did respond to me today, but their answer was simple, they are there to help me but they are only able to assist me in the making sure the system runs perfectly for me. The process of creating the certificates are out of their expertise so they will not be able to help. At least a very honest answer. They did recommend me to try the trial first to make sure everything can work.

    Haha curse you apple for making it so hard and expensive!!

  • Buy a second hand Mac Mini with Mavericks installed, or go the VM Ware route. I've published lots of apps with a Mini and and a VMware Mac, but VM is very slow FPS-wise even with a decent spec PC.

    You can create certs/identifiers/profiles on a PC, you only need the Mac for uploading the IPA to iTunes Connect (via Application Loader or XCode)

    A Mac is essential if you use Ejecta or PhoneGap CLI, and you get the benefits of XCode Simulator for testing and screenshots.

  • aquinn, thanks for that. When you say create certs and ids on PC, do you mean using VMware? If that's true than I could create the certs in my pc than rent a mac to upload the game.

  • You can create the .mobileprovision provisioning profiles for Adhoc and App Store distribution on a PC only, through

    You need a Mac for the p12 certificate, but a VMware Mac will work.

    For uploading the IPA, you also need a Mac.

  • aquinn, thanks for that. Will definitely look more into this.

  • So what was the outcome of your little experiment? Did it work or did you eventually get a Mac ?

  • STARTECHSTUDIOS, I eventually.....gave up on exporting to mac Haha I decided to just concentrate on Android for now. Than if things go well, only than will I seriously consider exporting to Istore.

  • Sorry to bump an old thread, but I have a question about this topic.

    Hypothetically, is it possible to do the step> uploading an ipa file to iTunesConnect using the Application Loader via a virtual machine (OSX running on VMware on a Windows system)?

    Has anyone had success doing this? Or ultimately run into problems at all?

    Im not too familiar with Macs, but I imagine the process would be:

    -Login to iTunesConnect from the virtual OSX (ie using safari).

    -Download and install the Application Loader inside the virtual OSX?

    -Upload ipa..

    Has anyone had success doing that? Can it lead to problems down the track? (apps / developer accs being banned or something horrible).

  • Hi GamerGuy1,

    we developed a quite easier way to uploading your App to the AppStore. You can use our cloud based Appliciation Loader: . Currently we are in the beta status and the service can be used for free.



  • Woohoo! Awesome giveaway! I always say I wish my Gps-Enabled Sport Watch would buzz!

  • I feel rekjl on how expensive macs can be. Anybody own an apple desktop though? Looking to buy my husban done since he does a lot of video and audio editing. Read on that the Apple MK482LL/A iMac All-in-One Desktop PC with Retina 5K Display is the best currently. Has anybody used it?

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