Many publishers do not accept construct2 html5 games

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  • The only bug construct 2 has at the moment is the double canvas bug in older samsung devices. It wasn't there in R168 so an update in R169 might have caused it to happen.

    Well if it doesn't happen anywhere else it already sounds very likely to be a browser bug, but perhaps we can still work around it, especially if you can track it down to a particular release number that first broke it. Is there a bug report for that in the bugs forum? There ought to be a thread so we can track the specific issue over time, and maybe get some help from other users in reproducing it and narrowing it down to specific devices/Android OS versions.

  • i just encountered this bug yesterday the first time, construct version 180, Samsung S3 Mini, sadly i cant help much more

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  • hm double canvas ayee .. Objects might not be clearing up maybe try setting zero-based layers Transparency to No - (& of course setting resolution to 16:9) - I could be way off tho on my "advice" , if so, my apologies.

  • gameop - please make sure all that information is in a bug report in the bugs forum otherwise I might lose it.

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  • If someone asks for the source do you not just give them the HTML5 export?

  • ^ or the capx? I'm not sure what would happen if they opened up a capx with families in the free version, but these people should have more than enough money for a proper license.

  • ^ or the capx? I'm not sure what would happen if they opened up a capx with families in the free version, but these people should have more than enough money for a proper license.

    Html5 publishers want to have something they know, and they can tell someone to change with no problem, they also want it to work as they want it even if they do not know perfectly that (I remember someone telling about a publusher that did not know what it's own api should do). In their format, for a cheap price, and they have enough pressure to refuse any project with no risks. They will most likely not do efforts to learn C2 nor try to understand the exported capx without a full explanation of every bit of it if they want it.

  • Business types are funny like that. People licensing games, running game portals and companies, and not knowing a thing about their own business. Sounds par for the course I've seen quite a few games become successful self publishing, not sure how realistic it is or not. Introversion is my favorite example of garage programmer turned game studio success.

  • Every game maker unfortunately has a very high volume of shovelware titles, even back in the days of Flash. I remember when Game Maker and RPGMaker were new, there were tons of uninspired titles floating around and it gives the bigger publishers a very bad impression, which is unfortunate.

    But I think there is something else I'm not seeing, just maybe they don't have the means to support C2 yet.

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  • We C2 users need to make more face-meltingly beautiful and deep games. I, for one, am attempting to do that currently! When I was first looking at which software to make my game with, I was looking at the games made with each engine. I didn't see anything that blew me away made with C2--even Super Ubie Land wasn't out yet. I think that a few more really professional looking games can change the perception that C2 is amateur software. I'm blown away daily by how powerful it is. Ashley and the team are doing a great job with more features and updates too.

  • I don't blame these publishers. Bad games reflect on their site and will stop users from coming back. It's the same as the Scirra Arcade. No one goes there for cool/new games because it's full of garbage.

    As for publishers singling out C2... FOK EM. There's thousands of sites out there willing to host your HTML5 game. Move on to the next.

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