Many publishers do not accept construct2 html5 games

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  • DuckfaceNinja I think publishers try out the games before looking into how they are made.

    Actually we have the problem of "C2 loading bar" at the beginning of the game, most of these guys never bother to change it.

    I'm trying to trace back the thread, see whether I can find it again, I'll share it once I found it.

  • Some publishers prefer that you write your own game with your own code . Yes construct 2 is wonderful , but i think that some publishers see game maker apps as some kind of cheating tool . Personally i think they should look into the creativity of a games developer , not the tools used.

  • DravenX, I think it's more because of technical reasons than a pragmatic and superficial reason like that. And I can see why.

  • Oh how I pray that one day (sooner than later

  • create a Scirra Publisher section.

    Personally I think it is at least 1 year too early to implement this anytime now, but your idea is golden.

  • E.g. Softgames says they experience a glitch with c2 games somewhere within their process. I offered to try fix it, they said they'd tell their engineer to contact me. But this never happened.

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  • Ima newbie but in order to submit a game digitally online to places like Steam etc one must find a publisher ? I thought most indie developers dont need a publisher to sumbit content

  • i meant submit

  • i meant submit

    You can edit your posts, use the pencil like icon on the top right of your post to do so.

  • Publishers don't mind games made with construct 2, but you do have to respect a certain set of guidelines. The developer has to offer a game that runs smoothly, that is above a certain quality threshold (close to licensed flash games nowadays), and that offers a good user experience over many devices. Basically as a dev, you just have to provide the publisher with a solid finished product, served on a plate, and they won't even check whether it has been made with c2 or not.

    We've successfully sold quite a few exclusive and non-exclusive licenses for c2 games with my teammate.

  • Okay thanks valerien im a newbie to the construct 2 community and I need more opinions . Do u think this engine is better than gamemaker studio especially in doin complex things

  • lilvee1989 : Construct does have better performances overall as far as the html5 export is concerned. Now in terms of the features they both offer, they are relatively close to one another. You can program complex game systems with both, with relative ease. Construct 2 is geared a bit more towards beginners in game creation than Game maker too. If you have little experience in development, I'd recommend giving C2 a try.

  • Ok because I want to do a fighting game with cutscences etc with 3d sprites

  • .

  • A bit disconcerting, but I guess I'll just keep sticking with self-publishing. Would be nice to reach larger audiences quicker, but I'm not going to compromise my game and get caught in all the red tape. Suppose it would be different if trying to go AAA, but with Steam Greenlight as an option and many game blogs that'd be willing to do reviews if the game was good enough, I don't see why hobbyist game developers and Indie developers need to jump in bed with controlling publishers. Thought everyone moving to Indie was supposed to be a point of steering away from that.

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