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  • Hi guys,

    I am looking for some input from the pros.

    I am publishing my app soon. What pricing model and strategy should I go for?

    I know I would be offering a FREE version of the game but I am wrestling with two different strategies:

    Free lite version + Paid complete version VS Free complete version

    What do you think would be the best option to maximise revenue?

    The game comes with advertising and Iaps.

    Thanks guys

  • I'm sure that a complete free version is better.

    But you can instead make a "free-to-play" version and make additional features available as in-app purchases.

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  • I prefer having a completely free app with ads and the option to buy a premium in-app item to get rid of the ads

  • It all depends on the game

    I really enjoy the free lite versions as long as I don't get only a demo version. I love developers that only disable a few options that you don't miss when you start playing.

    Free: if it only took you 2 afternoons of your time make it free (without ads)

    If your game will be played like every day for the next weeks (Farmville, Bejeweled) free+ads will probably make you more money.

  • Thank you all for your input.

    I will go for the FREE complete game as you all suggest.

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