PhoneGap iOS Publishing, what am I doing wrong?

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  • Hello all,

    This is the first time I have tried to export and publish a project outside of Wii U. I set everything up on Apple's developer portal, downloaded all my signing keys and got everything working in Phonegap. When I go to upload my project to iTunes Connect via the Application Loader tool, I get several error messages regarding the icons and a 64-bit warning. Any ideas on how I edit these? I can't seem to open the file in XCode to edit them. Also, how do I change the launch screen from the Phonegap default?

    Sorry for all the questions, like I said, this is the first time I am exporting a project to something other than Wii U.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    P.S. Here are the error messages I get in the Application Loader Tool:


  • you need to setup phongap properly and download all the require file , there you will find icon and launcher folder and can change the image.

  • Actually I found the solution. The XML that C2 spits out is missing most of the required icon tags that the App Loader looks for and will continue to give you an error unless you include those files and the tags that link to them.

    Just an FYI, Ashley might want to update it if he can so the end user doesn't have to do so much code editing.


  • Ashley I think that phonegap Build site was updated, now the build log throws me some errors and the app cant even install on the devices.

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  • Nutzaboutpoker can you please post all the required things you added to your config.xml, it would be helpful for the rest of us and probably good for Ashley as well, when trying to modify the generated config.xml.

    Ashley, I've attached a screen dump of the errors I get when trying to publishing through Application Loader.

  • pew* It took me the better part of this day and close to 40 tries using Application Loader before I finally got my app submitted, so to anyone not wanting to spend their day googling and trial and erroring here you go.

    Create a lot of icons and splash screens in different sizes and add them to your construct 2 project under "Files". See my config.xml below to find out exactly with dimensions are required.


    Modify your config.xml (in the directory where your exported game is) to match these values for icons and splashes:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <widget xmlns="" xmlns:gap="" id="se.onemuppet.draw" version="1.0.0">
      <author href="" email="">David Borgenvik</author>
      <preference name="permissions" value="none"/>
      <preference name="android-targetSdkVersion" value="21" />
      <feature name=""/>
      <preference name="orientation" value="landscape" />
      <preference name="fullscreen" value="true" />
      <gap:config-file platform="ios" parent="UIStatusBarHidden">
      <gap:config-file platform="ios" parent="UIViewControllerBasedStatusBarAppearance">
      <preference name="deployment-target" value="8.0" />
      <preference name="android-minSdkVersion" value="14" />
      <preference name="target-device" value="universal" />
      <!-- iPhone / iPod Touch  -->
      <icon src="icon-57.png" gap:platform="ios" width="57" height="57" />
      <icon src="icon-60.png" gap:platform="ios" width="60" height="60" />
      <icon src="icon-120.png" gap:platform="ios" width="120" height="120" />
      <icon src="icon-114.png" gap:platform="ios" width="114" height="114" />
      <!-- iPad -->
      <icon src="icon-72.png" gap:platform="ios" width="72" height="72" />
      <icon src="icon-144.png" gap:platform="ios" width="144" height="144" />
      <icon src="icon-76.png" gap:platform="ios" width="76" height="76" />
      <icon src="icon-152.png" gap:platform="ios" width="152" height="152" />
      <!-- Settings Icon -->
      <icon src="icon-29.png" gap:platform="ios" width="29" height="29" />
      <icon src="icon-58.png" gap:platform="ios" width="58" height="58" />
      <icon src="icon-50.png" gap:platform="ios" width="50" height="50" />
      <icon src="icon-100.png" gap:platform="ios" width="100" height="100" />
      <!-- Spotlight Icon -->
      <icon src="icon-40.png" gap:platform="ios" width="40" height="40" />
      <icon src="icon-80.png" gap:platform="ios" width="80" height="80" />
      <!-- Optional splash screen image, e.g.: -->
      <gap:splash src="splash480.png" gap:platform="ios" width="480" height="320" />
      <gap:splash src="splash320x480.png" gap:platform="ios" width="320" height="480" />
      <gap:splash src="splash960.png" gap:platform="ios" width="960" height="640" />
      <gap:splash src="splash640x960.png" gap:platform="ios" width="640" height="960" />
      <gap:splash src="splash_iphone5.png" gap:platform="ios" width="1136" height="640" />
      <gap:splash src="splash640x1136.png" gap:platform="ios" width="640" height="1136" />
      <gap:splash src="splash.png" gap:platform="ios" width="1024" height="768" />
      <gap:splash src="splash768x1024.png" gap:platform="ios" width="768" height="1024" />
      <gap:splash src="splash568.png" gap:platform="ios" width="568" height="320" />
      <gap:splash src="splash320.png" gap:platform="ios" width="320" height="568" />
      <gap:splash src="splash1334.png" gap:platform="ios" width="1334" height="750" />
      <gap:splash src="splash750x1334.png" gap:platform="ios" width="750" height="1334" />
      <gap:splash src="splash2208.png" gap:platform="ios" width="2208" height="1242" />
      <gap:splash src="splash1242x2208.png" gap:platform="ios" width="1242" height="2208" />
      <gap:splash src="splash2048x1536.png" gap:platform="ios" width="2048" height="1536" />
      <gap:splash src="splash1536x2048.png" gap:platform="ios" width="1536" height="2048" />
  • Really useful info, thank you.

  • I also had the same issue... Some icon specific sizes (actually ones for iPhone/iPod, and iPad) that were missing. Thanks a lot for the solution!

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