Who are the people that buy HTML5 games and what do they do with them?

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  • Hello!

    I do understand that there are plenty of companies like softgames, spilgames etc. who may license your game. Then, those companies allow game portals to publish them on their site for free, where it should generate advertisement income.

    But are there also companies who buy HTML5 games and do something else with them? Like a sports brand for example like Nike, and use it for promotional compaigns? Or what are any other reasons to buy HTML5 games? How common is it for this to happen compared to 'regular' licensing like the game portal concept?

    I'm trying to get a grip on who the people are that buy HTML5 games, and what exactly it is that THEY do to make money with them. It would give me a better understanding of this market and process.

    I mean, what about html5games.com? They seem to sell licenses directly. But why would any company buy from there?

    Just looking for some information aside from what I can think of myself.


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