1 Million Downloads (tips and info about games that have reached 1m downloads)

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  • Hey Lumicreative.com, got another question if you don't mind.

    Just looking through your reviews on Football Dash (well done btw) and I've noticed a trend where your low scores tend to be from users with out-of-date software who can't launch the game.

    I was wondering if you found any way of dealing with this? And what min version Android were you exporting to (I'm currently running it a v6 but not sure if I should raise that).


  • Hi,

    You said you used donations, i wanna know what was the medium you used for it...

    Like just paypal or did you used more options?

  • I subscribed just to thank you for sharing these information.

    It was very nice.


  • 1.5 millions downloads and only 2 000 dollars per months?

    I was expecting far more.

  • Lumicreative.com

    congrats ... i like your games ... very polished

    questions :

    1- the donations are paypal or consummable iap ?

    2- your revenue are almost coming from ads or iap?

    3- what network ads do you use?


  • Oh my didn't realize there were replies to this thread. Starting from where I left off.

    PunyGames No plans to go full time. Yup, I like it as side projects so no stress and more creativity.

    SIMPLE Games I started with c2 then c3 with c3 runtime. It was a pain to migrate it over though.

    LukeW I don't think there is a way out of the low scores from earlier versions. It does state the version of the software per review I think, but still affects the overall score. Yeah, the out of date software with people unable to launch is not ideal. I still try to include the lowest version of android possible though. Maybe I should change that.

    Shubi For donations I didn't use Paypal. I used mobile IAP. This was both through Google and the PlayStore.

    plicatibu No problem. Glad to share!

    mathie Ads can only take you so far. $2k a month isn't bad. There are two things to really optimize and get more for the 1.5 million downloads. You need user retention and IAP.

    matrixreal 1. Donations are consumable IAP (no paypal) 2. Most revenue is coming from ads 3. I use mainly the default admob networks. I haven't used ad mediation yet. I tried, but couldn't figure it out.

  • If you are curious how the game is doing since launching, here is a quick history:

    • June 2015: Game was launched
    • March 2016: Starting monetizing with ads almost a year later
    • Dec 2016 and Dec 2017: Huge surges in downloads and revenue ($100-$250 per day) at the end of 2016 and at the end of 2017 due to football season (with downward dips between)
    • Jan 2018 - Feb 2019: the app had a steady decline in downloads and revenue (I expected the app to die completely and thought that it had a good run)
    • May 2019: App nearly crashed to 0 ($1/day)
    • Sept 2019 - Dec 2019: Smaller surge at the end of 2019 due to football season (~$50/day) and then back to trailing down
    • Today (pretty consistently), average download of about 100 with roughly $18/day (low as $11 and high of $25)

    Closing thoughts:

    My other games have not come close to the revenue of Football Dash. It shows that you have to keep trying and maybe make at least 10 games before one becomes successful. "Success" though is different for each person. When I initially released Football Dash, it was about pure creativity and passion. I wasn't trying to make money and would've been happy with just $5/month. To me, launching the game was a success. If you keep that mindset, then you will continue to enjoy creating games.

    Many thanks to Ashley and team for bringing this great product to those who don't have a development background or want a simple, quick, and easy way to make games.

  • Very Helpful!

    Lumicreative.com Thanks for sharing!

    Ashley Thanks for Construct!

  • What is your eCPM (RPM) for Banner and Interstitial ads?

  • DarkSide110902

    Impression RPM for Banners is $4.10

    Impression RPM for Interstitial is $10.75

  • DarkSide110902

    Impression RPM for Banners is $4.10

    Impression RPM for Interstitial is $10.75

    Fantastic results. How about Rewarded videos.

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  • how did you improve your ecpm?

  • I am guessing since it's US Football, most players are from the USA and that pays ( probably ) more than any other country

  • DarkSide110902

    Impression RPM for reward: $14.44 (last 30 days) - $16 (last 7 days)

  • BadMario You are correct. Since Football is US based majority are playing in the US.

    Last 30 days:

    • #1 US - 107,000 impressions
    • #2 Canada - 300 impressions
    • #3 Germany - 260 impressions
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