How easy is it to export to android?

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  • I have yet to purchase the full version but depending on how I can export my games will determine if I purchase it or not.

    How simple is it to export? I know there is a mobile option but apparently you need to use other 3rd party software in order to get it onto your Android phone etc

  • I've tried reading all of the stuff but they are unclear. What I meant was, is there a way to export it as an APK or put it on the Google Play Store. Can that be done through PhoneGap?

  • Yes its easy, just follow the phonegap tutorial on this site.

    You first export your c2 project as a phonegap in the export menu, then you zip the exportet folder.

    After that you upload the .zip to phonegap and it wil be compiled for you as a APK, ready for download to you phone.

  • Don't use PhoneGap, it's usually very slow. Did you look at the Crosswalk tutorial? It results in an APK being emailed to you.

  • Now THAT is what I'm looking for. An APK. I've been reading the stuff but it's been confusing and I can rarely find the actual term APK. If it works I shall hopefully be buying the license in the next month.

  • I release new project today with cocoonjs. You can see tutorial here:

    cocoon is really fast thing. I don't recommend phonegap. Cordova is so slooow

  • is not that easy, its seems to be easy but at least I have problems

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  • Sir,

    I used cocoonjs export ,tried to run in android ,developed the game in version r139 ,which uses "webbox2d" as the physics engine , the applications without physics behavior are running well , but the screen flickers (and the app does'nt load) wen physics behavior is given to an object in the games ,will using later versions (with cocoonjs native engine as physics engine ) solve the problem.

  • it should be easy enough for you to test it out and see for yourself. The question is very dependent on what is happening in your game, what resources you are using, etc... you can also post your capx if you want more specific input from others here who have done more work with Physics.

  • Sir ,

    I successfully made a game and published in android using cocoon js , but as i added "physics behavior" to an object in it ,it fails to display on-screen , black screen flickers , i have used version r139 , with box2d web physics engine.How can i solve the problem , will re-making the game in later versions with cocoon js native as physics engine solve this problem .

  • If you go by the forums...Construct 2 is better at making games than those 3rd parties at making APKs.

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