Changing from CocoonJS to IntelXDK - Google Play issues?

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  • Hi everyone,

    the last app that i created was exported via CocoonJS, signed and zipaligned manually and then uploaded to Google Play. Now I want to change a couple of things and export via IntelXDK, then reload the updated version to Google Play.

    Now here's the thing: I'm sensing compatibility issues here as I signed the app manually first when using Cocoon and now IntelXDK is signing it automatically. The app key will be different I guess, so I'm afraid the app will be denied by Google Play.

    Has anyone encountered these problems yet? Is it possible to write the same app key from the app made by Cocoon into IntelXDK so that there won`t be any compatibility issues?

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  • didtn have this problem, but if it helps you can uncheck the "signed" box in XDK and sign manually

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