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  • What is the easiest, most straight forward way to publish a stand alone tablet/desktop app ? (I mean one that is self contained and can be used offline; the easiest option possible after it is created in Construct 2.

    I dont want to get a website: I have tried looking into the google play store and Amazon App Store but nothing is straightforward and I am having trouble understanding their information and have spent most of the day googling terminology like SDK, IDEs etc and trying to understand both website's info on publishing. There are threads on here implying or stating that it isnt easy and that things dont work. I dont want to be a programmer I just want to create nice interactive stories and share them

  • as far as I know, you have to go through the debugging, and as I understand, depending on where you are gonna publish your game(android, windows, etc) you need to have it run throught their sdk, like visual studio for Windows, eclipse on android. So I don't think there is a straight forward, drag and drop option. But I could be wrong, I'm not too into programming either, but trying hard to build a game in C2

  • I think I will start with trying to publish on Chrome Store since there is what appears to be a good tutorial on here about it and the developer info on the chrome store site seems quite straight forward. Plus it only costs $5 to get started, you don't have to worry about hosting and if you give your app a version number you can keep fiddling with it and updating it as you go. It looks like the easiest option for a novice non programming type.

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  • I have just left a comment on the tutorial for uploading to chrome app store but not sure if it will be seen or not.

    I did everything as instructed but after installing and opening the app I only get a black screen. Someone else asked about the same problem on the tutorial but there was no response. Please someone help

  • And yes Chrome does seem to be the easiest way to get started with apps and you have to make sure you choose Box 2D web as your physics engine on the drop down list in project properties. Phew!

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