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  • I work on cross-platform game for kids and I want to collect an information about my game. Some of information is mandatory, and some - nice to have.


    1. How many times the game was open

    2. How many times the user reaches the last level of the game

    3. Home many levels the user played every time

    4. In what level the user left the game

    5. How many times the user pressed "home"

    6. How many times the user pressed "more free games"

    7. How many times the user pressed "shop"

    8. How much time the user spent in the game per day/month

    This information I can get from any mobile statistics platform. But I want to know more details:

    1. Installation: age (and occupation? and location) of the users that bought the game

    What platform do you use and are you satisfied?

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  • I don't understand. Are you looking for a way to get those analytics or you already have the method but are looking for more opinions?

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