Amazon Fire TV music of game is not played

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  • Hello community!

    I would like to publish my game Hell Eagle for Amazon Fire TV. First I made an apk-file with cordova export and xdk. That works well, when I submit it with adbFire directly on my Fire TV, even the music is played.

    But now I tried to publish the game on amazon app store for Fire TV as a zip-file, a packaged app.

    Everything works well, even the gamecontroller was detected, but the music didn't play.

    Do you know why not? The music files are in both formats ogg and m4a. I tried to export from Contruct2 for amazon app store, cordova and html5, but no version plays the music. The sounds are played well.

    Please help.

    Best regards,


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  • Hello community!

    I have fixed the error, because I have made an apk with XDK and now the music plays on Amazon Fire TV.



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