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  • can photon devs add ms(Ping or Latency?

    like (69ms), so we can know how much ping we have

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  • can photon devs add ms(Ping or Latency?

    like (69ms), so we can know how much ping we have

    i mean can you post the exact code?

    because you know, some of us dont have exp in coding, we are just hobbyist

  • Pogi99

    When you need to measure the latency, send an event to yourself (TargetActors = "" & Photon.MasterActorNr) with the current time as a payload, then calculate the difference between current time and the time stored in incoming event in "on event" handler.

  • Hi ThePhotons, I'm new to multiplayer game development and I'm creating my first multiplayer game. I'm using Photon Realtime SDK with Construct 3. Everything works fine, but I have a lot of lags on players moving.

    I'm using 8 Direction behavior in my game and just send event with player's x,y coordinates on "Is moving" event. I don't use any data structure as arrays, just text with x and y coordinates. I thought it's the easiest solution for networking games.

    I didn't find any documentation or solution for Construct with Photon games.

    I will be grateful for any help, any article, example or anything else.

    Thank you!

  • Hi XOPC

    How large the lag is? You can't avoid network delay. You can only somehow simulate or predict object movement on other clients to make lag less noticeable.

    In any case sending coordinates on each frame is a bad idea. Instead, send coordinates and velocity each few frames and interpolate or extrapolate the position. Or better, send only next position target and let other clients simulate entire path between key points.

  • Thanks for the answer! Lags are mostly on moving, all other actions as shooting or collecting objects works with smaller amount of lags. Also, after your answer, I think other actions lag may be present because of each frame raising players positions. I'll try to send just direction and move the object while event "is stopped" will be raised. Thanks for the idea.

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