Tutorial: Platform School

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  • Ah, I see. Now that I changed it to per pixel, it works perfectly. Of course, something like automatic rotation based on a slope is harder... First person to make a Sonic-style loop gets a prize! *Shot*

  • Drasa presents: Platform School 4.5 - Slope hijack!


    There's still one known problem - the animation angles. How much would I appreciate if the rotation angles could be set separately from the animation angles. Because of the lack of this feature, I can't set Charlie to face the right way in slopes, cause setting the rotational angle sets the animation angle too. Ashley/Rich/Dave, would you mind implementing them separately?

    You can set him facing the right way... you just have to mess with the angles a little bit

    I fixed it. Here:

    http://willhostforfood.com/files3/90779 ... hijack.cap

    Anyway, I'll mess around with is a bit more and if I don't come across anything buggy with it (and I haven't so far apart from the wacky angles thing) then I'll include it in a future tutorial. I'll give you credit, of course

  • Deadeye: Oh, why didn't I realise that when I was making the original version X). I solved it later, but used totally different method. Oh, and btw, thanks for the great tutorial series! I'm sure that this will help many people awfully lot on their way of learning Construct :D!

    I made a version with slopes of any steepnes. This version uses some trigonometry (to calculate the position of Charlie related to the hitbox in slopes) so it goes ot of the scope of this tutorial, though. The positioning of Charlie doesn't actually look very good, but currently that's impossible to fix. It would recuire some fundamental changes to the engine. (The hitbox's corner should be able to be "inside" the slope)

    However, you can easily modify the original to add slopes with different angles.

    Here's the new version:


  • Woah, too much math for me I'm afraid. I'll put the first version in the tutorial if you don't mind... if I don't understand it then I can't write about it

    But you could always make a non-platform school "advanced slopes" tutorial with all that trig stuff

  • Whoa, proper rotation? Sweet! Though, I think I'll save that for if I ever make a Sonic fan-game in Construct.

    Still, the big thing I'm eagerly awaiting is the AI lessons. Those will be fun, and only two lessons away! But we're waiting till the Christmas update, of course.

  • I drew some slope tiles for Drasa's slopes. They don't really fit in too well but I figured I might as well do something while waiting for the next build

    <img src="http://i39.tinypic.com/30tktxt.png">

  • Haha, maybe he has some kind of gravity boots :D

    If 45 degrees looks too weird, maybe you could make 26.57 degree slopes? One pixel up, two sidewards. It should look more normal :D

  • Eh, that would just mean drawing more tiles . I'll leave it. It suits the purpose of the tutorial just fine.

  • As far as a level editor is concerned, I agree that it wold be good to have a tutorial that teaches how to make one. However, that's more of an advanced project so I won't be including how to make one in this series I'm afraid. This series is pretty much aimed at beginners.

    I actually working on a level editor right now.. Maybe Ill write a tut on how to do the loading and saving i did for it...

  • <img src="http://www.b3tards.com/u/2951c544e5d930f23b20/emot-siren.gif"> WARNING! <img src="http://www.b3tards.com/u/2951c544e5d930f23b20/emot-siren.gif">

    Since Construct v0.98 was released a lot of the information in these tutorials is obsolete. I'll be rewriting them all to compensate for the new features. Will post an update when it's done, probably not until after the new year though...

    Thanks for your patience

  • [quote:5botay2o]First person to make a Sonic-style loop gets a prize! *Shot*

    i think i can do that...

  • [quote:33qvulm5]First person to make a Sonic-style loop gets a prize! *Shot*

    i think i can do that...

    damn you. I expect your attempt will be far more elegant than mine...


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  • [quote:36yjorxs]First person to make a Sonic-style loop gets a prize! *Shot*

    i think i can do that...


    Yesterday Candescence, Sol, and I were in chat discussing Candescence's game and when the topic of loops came up the first thing we said was "ask Quazi"

  • Sorry to make you have to redo stuff in your tutorials Deadeye - hopefully it wont take long!

  • Nah, it's worth it for the new features

    (As long as the solid-sided platforms are looked into *begs shamelessly*)

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