Tutorial: Platform School

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  • Sir, I must say thank you for this tutorial. It has been a huge, huge help to me. Thanks to it (and the existence of Construct itself!), I have a quite good start on something I had been wanting to make.

    The recommendation for those new to Construct to follow the Ghost Shooter tutorial was good to include. It was quite helpful.

  • This tutorial helped me alot!


  • You're welcome

    News update:

    v.0.99.42 seems pretty stable to me, and I've been told that there shouldn't be any major feature changes that would affect Platform School between now and 1.0, so I'm starting work on fixing and finishing the tutorials.

    I'll be updating or even re-writing entire sections to reflect changes and new features since v0.98.9. I'll also be expanding on certain topics that some people have said weren't entirely clear. I'm even going to change some of the basic event structure, since I have discovered more efficient methods in some areas (such as handling player controls and animations).

    Don't expect anything right away, though... I have a lot of work ahead of me.

  • Hi all. Brand new here and trying to get into some tutorials. I was eager when I saw the platformer school and then imediately disappointed when I saw that it didn't work with the current build of Construct. I also see that there is potentially an update coming I am just wondering when... Don't want to be a pest, because I know how difficult this stuff can be, I just want to make some games! Ghost hunter was fun but not my style.

    Maybe a link to a video or somethin'?

  • Use the older build (98.9) to learn from the tutorials then. There's nothing different about it, other than lots of optimizations and features.

  • Would you happen to know a link to build 98.9? When I go to the download page it gives me build 99.42... Thanks! and I shall pester you no more.

  • .98.9

  • SWEET! You guys are great! Thanks.

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  • This is really awesome. Thanks!

  • Nice tutorial! Thanks!

  • Hi,my name is Guillaume and I a french boy.I've a project.I want to translate this tutorial in french for a Construct french community I want to create.

    But I can't edit the text of Woodsign.

    Somebody can help,please?;)

    Soory for my poor english

  • In the layout editor click on a sign, then go into the properties window on the left side of the screen. Under private variables there is a input box called "Sign Text" just change the text there to French. Hope that helps.

  • thank you!It's easy finally!I can't translate a woodsign and make my French Construct French community.On http://www.construct.e-monsite.com

  • Glad I could help, and good luck with your French construct community.

  • It'd be great if there were a video tutorial for this like there is for Ghost Shooter. That'd be a nice alternative to downloading and installing an outdated version of Construct.

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