Tutorial: Mikey's Adventure

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  • Ah, I missed the original, so i got kinda confused.

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  • It's ok.maybe i'm just too lazy to do it properly.

  • From working with some questions on the forum I realized some people will want to place objects on layouts through the editor and not through events. It's more intuitive and probably the preferred approach. I solved that problem by storing the X,Y, and Layoutname of the destroyed items in an array and then re-destroying the items that matched on start of layout. The solution can be even more generic by checking collisions between Mikey and "destroyed" family. Then the event sheet would work for anybody with any object they want to destroy. They simply add their object to the "destroyed" family!

    I updated part 4 of the tutorial to describe how to do that. Now Mikey can go around picking up gems!


    <img src="http://i34.tinypic.com/333vdpf.jpg">

  • Absolutely fantastic tuts here. Been a great help to em so far.

    Please keep at it.

  • Yeah, great tuts!

    I take some ideas from your realization (ph.. why I didn't find it 3 month ago being total newbie? )

    And also so sweet graphics.. how can you draw like this.. amazing Nice.

    I'm sure all newcommers got to like your tuts. Don't give up!

  • These forums are rather quiet...

    2k views shows that people are reading, and hopefully using these!

    If all the feedback you get is positive, then you can be sure that people are using your tutorials and are happy with them!

  • thanks for the tutorials man. With the lack of documentation they are essential

  • Thanks for all of the kind words. I had lots of free time a couple months ago, but unfortunately have been real busy lately with a change in job and location.

    Good news is that I have recently figured out how to build external libraries with Python very reliably and so will do a tutorial on "Python Scripting with Artificial Intelligence Chat". It will show how to add really smart NPCs to your game by importing, customizing, and using a Python library.

    Here is a simple example program using the module. It can make for some really funny chat sessions. If this causes anyone errors, please let me know to help better troubleshoot.


    <img src="http://i48.tinypic.com/2cp6jxs.jpg">

    The tutorial will also show how to setup a Python dev environment so that end users don't need to install Python to run the game. I just started on it so hopefully will have it out in another week or so.

  • Bump.... Please run and test, I'd like to see if certain operating systems get errors that I'm not getting. Just in case you don't want to run an executable here is the .cap and dependencies:


    You will need to extract the library.zip file into your Construct/Data/Python directory and then reopen Construct and select all the .pyc files. Let me know if you know a way to not manually click every single .pyc. Then copy the python26.dll and the rest of the dependencies into your export directory. Make sure you unzip the standard.zip file as well. ..... or just run the executable.

    No responses necessary, I'll assume that if there are alot of downloads, but no negative responses that this works.


  • no problems here, and awesomeness!!

    I spy a SOCKET!!!!

    I look forward to this tutorial =)

  • Downloaded the .exe zip, extraced and started ai_chat_example.exe ...

    "An error occurred in python, but construct is unable to obtain any error information without StringIO.pyc"

    WinXP sp2, complete python installation (2.6) already (maybe pathprobs?), don't know, what sytem information exactly you're interested in

  • Thanks for the error report... it sounds like a path problem, but is odd since it should always look at the current path first (and the stringIO.pyc is embedded inside the exe). Can you tell me what directory your Python install is located at? What minor version of Python do you have (2.6.x)?

    Can you also try these three things and tell me what errors you get?

    1. Temporarily rename your python install directory to another name (not in path) and then rerun exe. This will test for path conflicts.

    2. If that solved the problem then rename the directory back and try this, if not then leave it as is and try this as well. Copy the StringIO.pyc file from your python_install/Lib directory into the same directory as the ai_chat_example.exe and then rerun.

    3. Temporarily set your pythonpath to a blank path (backup and remove everything if there is anything in there). This is under, Start, Control Panel, System, Advanced, Environment Variables, and then under system variables. Try running it again.


  • Oh Tulamide... where art though??

    I'd like to try to fix this before releasing the tut. Is anyone else having Tulamide's problem?

  • No problems here mate.

    Running Vista Premium, 4gb, etc.

    I'd release the tutorial if I was you.

    If there is a problem with certain system configurations, you'll probably get more feedback from people trying the tute.


  • Oh Tulamide... where art though??

    I'm very sorry, had no access to the internet while visiting my parents... can't convince them *sigh*

    Well, this is the current situation: Nothing helped! I finally de-installed python and deleted the pythonpath. Still the same error. Your app starts after the 5th error message, but whenever hitting the button, the error message appears.

    I'm not familiar with .dll, esp. how they are managed by the system. I have some backups of older python installs, could they still interfere? On the other hand, I had no problems with other python apps so far (boa constructor, pype, py2exe ...)

    This might be a very special case...

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