Perspective floor

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  • A scanline-perspective floor, as seen in old arcades

    Note: Had a runtime crash on startup before when using a large non-power-of-2 tiledbackground, did not crash in debugmode. Will try to reproduce next week.

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  • I hate to say this, but it looks like you saved this in .98.9. I can't load it.

  • yes I did. Had to intall it to test a certain .cap

  • Screeny

    <img src="">

    floor wraps infinitely, bottom moves faster than top. Top is always locked to background.

    To use just insert an object and set the height of a scanline as a private, events take care of the rest. In the screen height=1px, larger looks blockier but is faster (and old-skoolish).

    Edit: larger "scanlines" also look better when far from the origin. Texture must be designed accordingly for a more convincing effect.

  • That's very cool. Here's a quick vid for those using the correct version:

    Sorry about the watermark - free version of FRAPS

  • I wouldn't say it's infinite as it distorted heavily near the end of that demo (movie). I did a similar thing a few weeks ago with the 3D boxes but trying to get it right was a total pain. Then David implemented (or I only just found it) the sprite distortion map. I had the idea of using that to create a never ending scrolling floor which would be in perspective at all times, but I never got round to it...

  • hey thanks, desmonaut

    scrolling is infinite in the sense that it'll never stop scrolling, and the layer with the floor has scrollrate=0%, so the object is rather small. It's intended for brawlers or platformers, but could be used in sidescrolling shooters too.

    Of course, distortion becomes severe, and you need a tiling background which I didn't include

    I noticed that using bigger blocks (or "scanlines") makes it matter less, so either limit scrolling or use bigger blocks. But if you're gonna use small scrolling you'd be better off using box3D or sprite shearing.

    I'll post an update with proper floor art next release, gotta make it so I can place more than one of these (currently uses a global for holding the number of required blocks). Tried using scaling and remembered perspective isn't linear, so that's for later too.

    Any ideas/examples on changing the terrain? can't remember any old game with this kind of floor that did change the terrain seamlessly.

    Is this turnable into a plugin?

  • got latest cons, and i can't run it :/

  • yeah I used a beta. But no worries, I will update it and post a new version that lets you have more than one at once.

  • can't run it :/

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