Construct Game Development Beginner�s Guide

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  • Why is it not the whole book free? All my games are free, and I spend several hours a day making them. People are to obssesed with money these days...

  • Urled you could be right, but there is an effort behind writing a book I dont know if comparable to write a videogame, still sometimes we need to appreciate self work, expertise dont come from nothing... I share my knowledge for free because i took it from other people or by myself experience, but at the end if those knowledge will be useful thats my satisfaction. If someone like to give me money for that knowledge why not eccept it...

  • I originally thought I was making a book for free, and I would happily help a tonne of people with Construct Classic anytime.

    However, it just so happened that the person who asked for help was a worker at PacktPub. I felt I should take the opportunity to write the book.

    This wasn't made with an obsession with money Urled, far from it. I care about Construct Classic, and wanted to make it reach a larger audience.

  • I care about Construct Classic, and wanted to make it reach a larger audience.

    Thats is good, while many people knows about CC more and better will be the Knowledge around it, and therefore the better will be the games developed...

  • Bought a copy of the book! Looking forward to reading it. Congrats Jayjay!

  • Thanks Yung, I hope you have a great time reading it! =]

  • just bought the digital copy of the book. good work. and thanks

  • Ah thanks NotionGames, I'll be happy to help with any questions you might have while reading through it!

  • will you be writing any more books on construct? I'm really wanting help with creating a mario world type level selector where you move around on a map. That would be awesome

  • NotionGames Hmm, I don't know about further books, but I'd love to make some free tutorials/example files when I have the time.

    Not sure how soon, but I will upload an example of that for you when I can!

  • Too bad for me.

    I can`t get the book here from Iraq <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • You may be able to get the eBook Geniusrko, it comes in full color and supports different formats like PDF (PC format), epub (usual eBook format), and mobi (Amazon/Kindle format)

  • and how to pay for it in Iraq there aren`t any credit cards

  • geniusrko, ah I see, I hoped it was just a shipping issue.. Hmm, perhaps if you have a central bank they can do electronic payments.

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  • I just bought it on amazon, can't wait to read it ! Good work Jayjay !

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