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  • Triple Metal Plate: Dark Side of the Moon

    <img src="">

    Genre: TDS

    Created on: Scirra Construct

    Authors: Mary Jane


    <img src="">

    <img src="">


    You control the spaceman, who will need know the reason of failure on autonomous station (more information about the game you can see on the project's site: )

    The game is under development. And it's only 1st level of the game (even 1 layout of the Level 1)

    <img src="">

    Here you can download the game (.exe):

    Download: tmp.EXE.v1.36

    All sounds and music are taken from interent public sources.

    Changes in v1.36:

    • fixed a few bugs
    • added windowed mode (to fullscreen - press Enter, to windowed mode - press Tab)


    1. If you see a black screen, when you start the game - you just need to wait a minute. The game has a lot of art, so sometimes delays occur.

    2. If you have no sound in the game, then place the following files in this directory:



    3. There are may be bugs in the game . In the case of the fall application, simply restart the game.

    4. Controls:

    W - up

    A - left

    S - down

    D - right

    pressed Shift + W, A, S, D - run

    5. Change display mode:

    To fullscreen - Enter, to windowed mode - Tab

    6. To exit the game, press Esc.

    Note: There is one secret room in the game .. You can find it easy, especially if you like to thoroughly explore every corner.

    During development of the project I'll show in this topic new game materials (screenshots, exe and cap's)

    P.S. Enjoy the game! And please, write your comments and what you think! <img src="">

  • The art is very cool.

    I just found two problems:

    1) Fullscreen

    2) Muzzle flash stays even when you aren't shooting sometimes

    Are you gonna make every level a layout or are you gonna load them from an external file?

  • SuperV Thanks!

    I'm note sure now.. but probably, I'm gonna load layouts from an external file..

    Why do you write that fullscreen is a problem ?

  • More screenshoots:

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

  • about the game:

    The effects are cool too.

    I don't know what's the problem in the fullscreen, but I saw the bug with the weapon. The player's legs are funny, I'm sure that's another bug, but It can't be fixed easily.

  • Fullscreen is a problem for me because I have a 1680x1050 screen (16:10).

    At least make it toggle-able.

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  • If you run into the wall while pressing up or down alternately you can clip through the wall at this spot.

    <img src="">

    You can do the same thing around this area as well (but it seems like you can only do it when the door is still locked).

    <img src="">

    That game looks very nice, though. I'm looking forward to seeing what the aliens (I'm just assuming you'll be fighting aliens) will look like.

  • I've moved "cap" file in first main post.

  • Looking very nice so far. It's always nice when new users show up with an surprise like this .

    The only issue that I have with the game is the legs, as FlamePower pointed out. Perhaps some "walking sideways" and "walking backwards" animations could be added to smooth things out a bit. Other than that, the look of the game is pretty slick. The lighting and music really lend a spooky atmosphere.

  • deadeye

    Thank you!

    Yes, about legs, we've tried many different versions, but we can't do better yet (lack of experience)

  • Huh hey wow who let real girls in here? xD

    Nah just kidding, welcome to the boards! Slick game for a first project... kinda has a few bugs in it, but nothing too serious. Good luck with improving on it, kinda reminds me of alien breed or something from the old days. Don't forget if you get stuck and need help there are plenty of experienced people here that will gladly lend a hand I'm sure.


  • SoldjahBoy

    Thank you very much!

    I've always wanted to create games and was looking for a good game program for a long time.

    I saw Construct, tried to make something and I liked it, because it's good as for beginners as for professional game developers. So I decided to realize my game ideas using Construct

    I hope, this program will grow and number of its users will grow too.

  • Excuse my grammar nazi'ing, but.. it's supposed to be "triple"

  • I know how to fix that bug with the wall clipping, but I don't like the way I do it, there must be another way.

  • Hello!

    I'm working now on the second layout for 1st level. And I've one idea - what if there will opportunity to upgrade main character, i.e. lives system, armor and ammunition, that we will able to accumulate during the game. When we go to the next level, we have the same number of lives (armor, etc)as in the previous.

    What do you think, whether to introduce such system? Or is it better to make the classical scheme, where in the beginning of every level number of lives (armor, etc) reset and we set default number. For example, at the first level, our health is 75%, bullets - 314. And when we move on to 2nd level, number of health becomes 100%, bullets - 100.

    Note: in both variants health is restored by time (e.g. 1 minute adds 10% health), and ammunition can be found on enemy territory.

    Please, write your opinion, which of the variants is more preferable to you?... <img src="">

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